What Would You Do: Manager tells man to cover up his Impeach 45 shirt

At the same restaurant, a manager wants a customer to change his "Impeach 45" shirt if he wants to be served. What will patrons say?
8:22 | 08/11/18

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Manager tells man to cover up his Impeach 45 shirt
we're back at Randolph where ouranager has refused a customer service Beuse he's wea a pro-tru make America great again hat. Nte that hatff, will not bed. Oy 'S ght.'m not takit Well,hen you wi not be served in this restaurant. But now we're switching things how ll custo react WHE our manager refuses servicto briafor wearinan anti-trp impeach 45 t-shirt?e same kinof t-shirts that sparked protests and made news when then on Salen waarit tporters are threatening to boycott Walmart over anti-trumrchandise being sold on its website. A boycott Wal campaign ga immediate. Wat stopped lling the shirts, saying in a statement the itemse from a third-party seller and would be removed.at will Haen in thisin today? 'M sorry, R, but I'm afraid that we have a small problem. I'm wonding if youould Ange out oth. What's wrong with myirt? Your shirt showing disrespect for C and president it ssim. UT I'm all to wear a shirt. You're allowed to wear a woman approach our manager telling he's got vote. I agree with you 100% Youee with me? Yes. Thank you very much. Didn't wto something. I wish you'd tell. S looking R attention it's just awful. Awfuhesident, he been voted give him ahot. I understood where he was Ming from cause -- The mag The mageryeah. Bee eot age with O president, he is our president. And this ne also makes it clear that he sides with the manager and his mandate that insane? You'rlking to T wrong man, son.freedom haa paid mine. Rig, N't I have the to pay for it sometimes. I thought we all had the right to our own opinions. Yes, do. He H the right not to serve you, too. He has the right to refuse service to anybody, in my opinion. S Lons you're wearing that shirt, we won't serve you. We're rolling again, and there are two sediners WATC the action He won the election, you let him do his. And resphim. Okay, gre. R opinion. Ve got my in Tmas to say something. Suddenly, tma. Call the police I don't undand. CL the poli?ure. U' the right thing.he police. T? Disgrace. Because of a t-shirt? It's a disgrace. Absutely.ah, call the police. Get him out. Agree with him? You agreeith him? Youet your life. Wow, for a t-shirt? You're going to have me own ail? This is unbelievable. Ie so. As thscene playout, this P at the nt te with their feet. It want somfood.eople are G. Sorry, I help you Yous, I don'tgr you. He has hight to hiowinion. Making itlear they don't agree with the manager, or those other diners U. If I we you, I just get and leavoo. N't give H that, younow? His find daughter make their Rom thein, and rightnto the storm brewing at the next table. If you wear tsh you're not our country. That's not true. That your opinion, and I'm allod my politil As the atrages on, takes ois phone and startsecording.his is an Sult to our country, to our constion, to ma this the St country it can be. Then ke starts estioning the amateur photographer about his views. Ts doesn't the you? No. The shirt he's wearing doesn't bother you? No. Hinsulting R no. Oesn't bother And when manager walks awaythis dinerets Brian ow he's got his back. If he won't serve you, I won't are either,oo I'll leave, too. Ch I appreate that. Now, Mike tries to kick Brian out of the D Sce you have not coverenged in th bathom, we're ING to ask you to leave. Se leave. Just likesain y,ian was wing at Maga hat -- ould all G up and leave. S diner iso E lets up to av wow, here go. He's goie, too. Sorry, sir. Can I get you anything N I'm not.if you're moi'm having also. We catch up within bore heakes it the it's "What would you do?" The TV show. At lesson you wanr to learn T Just tope it's time. Wh you see wng, you ne What ife Aring a pro-trump T? E thing. I mean, is a free country. You didn't have to do this. Mean, you GU are hungrou could haveyed, it's in outside. Yeah, we were going back ouinto the rain. Wano sure heard corctly. Can I you a question? Did he really say that he was going tosk you to av He says because of my shirt, I'm not allowed to eat here. Kay. He's saying. All so I said, don't you believe in free spch? Can't I express myself? Rstand he mire T allowed to. Right. Otu're saying, Whoe I me, it was N offensive ime to say hello. Oh, my you!or preside T and I do support trump. Ashairt. Yeah, I still -- hs entitled G. You're trump supporter and you defended him. I'm a person, too. We're all American in our own home, my husbandnged hisom republican Democrat. So if we can exist in own me get alongwhy N't we wit communities? Do you have something else that you can cover that up with? C? Es, sir. Why? Because it's disrespecting our president. Be'sisrespectiur country. Thi diner makest clear tohat he's the pro. I don't care what his t-shirt says now, if he was cause a prm, I'm a ted St marine. I'd probabake care oth problem. But righnoot causing problem. And ink that'sour person bias against that and that's just my opinion. I think imy persona patism. Sure -- I'm a marine he Vietnam era, so don't me about patism. As a marine, we're auto EP in and not Stanback. D do what edne at the time that it needs to be done. You see sething that is not right, Y for society, stand up, say th thank your your service. You're come. And mt loudly today. Regardlesst they were on. If you're not bothering an and if you're jus wearina N I'm fine with it. Whethe not you aee is irrelt. Iean that's what this country's founded on, isn't it? The right to free speech and to speak up for whau earing a third or a hat that make America great. THAs one of amendments, atthe freedoms. So you have an to ex views herein this country, and that's an with T The oneng most evyone ags that basic American rigfreedom of expression.

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{"duration":"8:22","description":"At the same restaurant, a manager wants a customer to change his \"Impeach 45\" shirt if he wants to be served. What will patrons say?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"57140001","title":"What Would You Do: Manager tells man to cover up his Impeach 45 shirt","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/manager-tells-man-cover-impeach-45-shirt-57140001"}