What Would You Do: motorist hits car while parallel parking

While parallel parking, a motorist slams her car into the car parked directly behind them, knocks the front bumper off of that car and leaves the scene.
8:03 | 09/23/17

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Transcript for What Would You Do: motorist hits car while parallel parking
Reporter: It can be the curse of even an otherwise excellent driver. Parallel parking. Hmm. I really thought I had more room. Reporter: Back in 2008, we set up our hidden cameras in montclair, New Jersey, to see what happens when our careless parallel parker knocks the bumper off of a parked car and then just walks away. Hold it, hold it. You can't just walk away. I'll be back in an hour. I'll deal with it then. Reporter: You let her go. Unfortunately, I didn't do anything. Somebody backed into another car, and they're about to leave the scene of the accident. Reporter: Now we're back in the same town with our same driver. It's been ten years, and I still don't know how to park. Reporter: We've got a newer jag. And the fender bender? Oh! Reporter: Well, that hasn't changed. All these years later, will people still confront the parker and come to the rescue of the owner of the damaged car? What would you do? Our hidden cameras are rolling os our actor Linda rolls into that jag. Ooh! Did I do that? The woman hears and then reacts to Linda's horrendous parking job. You just knocked the bumper right off. What? Their whole bumper just came off that car. What? What a piece of junk. Can you believe that? I don't have time for this. You're not going to leave a note for them on their car? That you just hit their car and their bumper came off? I don't have time. I'm late for a meeting. Wow. Okay, I rent upstairs, and I own this store over here. I'll let them know. Please don't say anything. Excuse me? Please don't say anything. That is illegal. I just watched you crash into somebody's car! Please mind your own business. I'm going to call the police. That is a horrible thing. That is a horrible thing. You have no conscience. I don't have time for this. That was horrible. Reporter: As she flees the scene, we step in. Hi there. Hi! Reporter: How are you? It's "What would you do?" John Quinones. How about this. Reporter: Why is it important to say something? Because that's horrible. You don't know what their situation is. It could be their only means of transportation. I hope my kids see this because then they will know that it's the right thing to do. Reporter: We roll again. And at first, we don't know if anyone sees our fender bender, but then, out of nowhere, this man from across the street. You good? Am I what? Are you leaving? No. Okay, I'm just going to say I think you should really stay parked because you just completely ruined their bumper. So I think you're better off staying here and just settling all this. How did I ruin their bumper? You just backed up, and I watched you hit it. I didn't do that. I have a restaurant camera that says is it. So you're just better off staying parked. You can't -- If you're going to hit and run, I'll just call the cops so it doesn't matter. So listen, I'm just trying to make it easier. You're probably better off contacting the police and doing it. I'm in a hurry. I don't have time for this. But now, you just took somebody's luxury vehicle and ripped the bumper off the front of their car. Reporter: And now, some roadside assistance. If you're going to leave, just leave a note for this guy because we've got like ten people there that have been looking at you for the past ten minutes. I'm going to take license plate, and if you say that wasn't you, that's up to you. But honestly, you shouldn't leave it because that's leaving the damage behind. So my sincere suggestion, maybe you call police or whatever it is. Reporter: Before he calls the cops, let's tell him it's "What would you do?" What's going on, guys? See Christ. Reporter: You weren't going to let her get away? No, it's not right. As human beings, we always have to try to do the best that we can and look out for each other and take conscious action of everything that we do. Reporter: Throughout the day people were just as shocked as they were back in 2008. Oh! Reporter: Time and time again people try to get Linda to hit the brakes. Stop. Stop. Stop. You're good. No, no, no, stop! Did I get it? Yeah. Stop, stop, stop. What? Stop. Thank you. Reporter: Just like the original, it's time for that "What would you do?" Twist. We've seen how people respond when the driver is a woman. But will the reaction be any different with A.Z. Behind the wheel? This squad of cheerleaders are about to become eyewitnesses. You're really close. Stop, stop! Am I okay? Oh! Stop. Let me see. That was me? A.Z. Asks for some support. Will you guys help me put it back? Reporter: But one cheerleader thinks he should play solo. I don't think that's legal. Whatever. Can't deal with it right now. I got to get to a meeting. Reporter: And with that, A.Z. Is gone. Do you guys think we should, like, call the police or something? I don't know. I don't know either. I really don't know. What? We can't just leave it. I don't want to touch it. Reporter: We decide to send the owner of the jaguar back in. Yes, that's our actor, Linda, from earlier playing double duty. Oh, my god. Reporter: We wondered, will our cheerleader "Bring it on"? Should we tell her? Yeah. Excuse me, we just watched that. Did you see this? He's in the suit right there. He just walked down the street and walked away. Who did this? He's in an all-gray suit. Like, ray-bans. I would take his license plate. Reporter: Hi, girls, how are you? There's no way. We're on the show. There's no way. Reporter: It's "What would you do?" Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Reporter: We roll one last time. Man, it's a piece of junk anyway. If they come back, will you just don't say anything, guys, okay? Are you serious? I got to go. Yeah, I got to go. I got somewhere to be. Do you want us to take a copy of your license? Oh, no. It's not that serious. I think it kind of is. It's not a big deal. This car owner is going to think it's a big deal. I've got to go. I've got a meeting. How about a name and number? Name and number? Something? Reporter: And with that, Heather Jimenez can't let it go. Good luck with that, go. Reporter: She goes after him. I'm going to watch. Are you kidding? Oh, my god. Is that your car? Yeah. All right, the guy just hit you. I'm going to go grab him. What? Do you know where 33 is? I don't, but I know where the car owner of the car that you just hit. Oh, she came back? Yeah. She came back so you might want to talk to her. Maybe after my meeting. Wow. I'm trying to find 33. Are you really that rude? Is this your car? Yeah, that's me. You took the whole front fender off. Yeah, he doesn't carry. Wow, I can't believe people like you exist. I'm busy. Yeah. My, guys. I'm John Quinones. Why'd you get involved? Because he just hit the car, and the entire bumper fell off, but he didn't obviously care. Reporter: And to people like that, you say? I don't think I can say that on TV. Reporter: Some people see it and don't want to get involved. What would you tell them? There are nice people in this world, and I'm trying to be one

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{"duration":"8:03","description":"While parallel parking, a motorist slams her car into the car parked directly behind them, knocks the front bumper off of that car and leaves the scene. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"50033168","title":"What Would You Do: motorist hits car while parallel parking","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/motorist-hits-car-parallel-parking-50033168"}