What Would You Do: Portland Teens Ask Passers-By to Buy Weed For Them

What will happen when teens ask passers-by to buy them marijuana at a legal marijuana dispensary?
7:44 | 07/02/16

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Portland Teens Ask Passers-By to Buy Weed For Them
Recreational. He's been one week now since the legal sales of recreational marijuana started in or against bug. Not for every one. Thanks here yeah. Sorry guys you have to between one. I guess we're gonna have to go to plan may. It's underage teens ask you who didn't blow them up he says it's. Let me back. What would you do. Power hidden cameras are rolling outside the mine right dispensary and we're. Told we'll have more success. Do boys only LD out. For the girl. Watch and anyways. The girls are up first trying to school to an entity isn't gay marriage. If we gave you some money your highest giant cleans. I really helped us out. And when they get inside. Yeah okay. She I'm apologetic and grabs them mountains. Time to find out Lonnie. How are you. Flying you know the show again. And blew the whistle on those girls time. The wires. Children's minds when they're young like this in my eyes aren't developed yet. You know and it's still growing salt. You know when you 21 can make that decision news. Throughout the day. Clearly now I can't ever Y night the girls quickly learned that getting people who fly them join. Is mostly a losing proposition. Clean and I yeah. Who she objects to line their asking woody using a. Saying I know we're just reread yes we do know that. They refused. The offers some advice they I have. And I. But for the most part the people like them. Are perfectly a life along the way. Now. The girls present their lease one last time away I was was doing something they've earned. I do my finances Tony thank you your money. He seems to be considering clean. Words when he started close. But in the end and clean. No but I mean no news. He didn't nominees and their requests. You wouldn't buy for those girls they'll point out. Because surrender agent into missile and seized documents judicious with him scaffold goatee and just to note but it fashion house. As this law. With the girls burned down. The boys are fired up to give it a try. Chamberlain. Eyes a little bit of pop. They walked to the corner thinking he's going to help them out. Good morning I'm nineteen. He is a little funny and honey and the younger one. No city. Brother Mack added. We've never seen. Will your lack of knowledge work for. Or against them. It's totally being old news haven't. And eat them cruel really slow. We're Carlson. With the bad she heads inside. I think just might send what do you dollars. Time to introduce ourselves. You think it's okay for the bills to buy. Bulls I don't think it's okay. But I was Collie. 45 years ago. We're back outside. How do you make when he box thinking maybe financial. Play music. Oh yeah. He had just one joins us. Just haven't turned 21 year and we're just trying to get a little bit and I'm just telling smoke McMahon to us like just chill out music. Yeah when he hesitates don't always sweetened the deal. Not anything you like Tony about sex fast lane in. Around awhile and be doing their World Series. Premium Beers share yeah. We follow him right inside. They're coming home. Four of them could have been in the position where like bones towards new groups in the long hours and being. Should it be denied to kids under 21 thing mass. Maybe DT. And makes sense that it's an annoying. The boys do here. Plenty of knows. But this woman implies she woods. If she'd cook. For me. He's if I had it I would and by it is actually I. Little later than they had better think again and diarrhea and everything really good but Olympic and. I'll be honest I have not I'm Paul Byrd minors aren't they with the marijuana lobbying for neo. Death can't see them. We roll it one last time. He's almost. He also alerts the front Dennis. My other people are. That's us and we're waiting to meet at. I'm John Quinones from what would you do the TV show those kids are actors they look like they're 181000 I don't know why. Because it does something to restructure your prayers and analysts and. Should wait until the proper age. Just think alcohol. Turns out the reason he's here is not just for fun actually. Really start smoking Candace and. Charlayne cable common folks. And then I learned about the minimum rattling windows. Through chemotherapy any. Bad for spying operations. And I don't take painkillers. At all with a 1920 year old kid wants you to buy.

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{"duration":"7:44","description":"What will happen when teens ask passers-by to buy them marijuana at a legal marijuana dispensary?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"40294760","title":"What Would You Do: Portland Teens Ask Passers-By to Buy Weed For Them","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/portland-teens-passers-buy-weed-40294760"}