What Would You Do?: Indecent Proposal

A female bar patron is given a cash proposal from a seedy guy to act as a "special companion."
3:00 | 05/06/15

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Transcript for What Would You Do?: Indecent Proposal
Some call it glamorous, adventurous. Become a high class call girl and you can make big bucks, if you don't get busted. What would you do if you saw a very indecent proposal in pub sflik our actress is in trouble. I just -- I lost my job like a week ago. Reporter: And this man has a position to offer. I have some work that you might be interested in doing. Doing -- doing what? Reporter: That could land her flat on her back, literally. Take these people out to dinner. I just need you to make them feel special. Get them safely back to their hotel. And what happens, happens. Reporter: Would you step in to stop this deal with the devil? Four, five hours and you're done. Reporter: With our hidden cameras rolling, we're at the sushi lounge in totowa, new jersey. Hi, I'm jeremy playing an unscrupulous businessman. I'm playing garl d iing a girl down on her luck. Reporter: Kaira's credit cards have been declined and she's completely broke. I don't. This is really embarrassing. I don't have any cash on me. Reporter: And jeremy sets the stage by picking up her check. That's okay. That's really nice of you. Sure. I'm just going to excuse myself for a little bit. I'll be back. Reporter: Making a big impression on this woman. That was very kind. She's a nice girl. Reporter: But when kaira returns she lurns more about the job he's offering. I've got these business people in from europe, and i just need someone to help show them around a bit. I need an attractive young woman to help them paint the town red. And, you know, take them back to the hotel room and take care of them. Reporter: No more mr. Nice guy. So, take them back to their hotel room? You have to get them all of the way in. You know what I mean? So you mean like an escort service? More ors, yeah. Nothing illegal about it. I've helped out a lot of girls this way. Reporter: That's all she needs to hear. Jeremy is now public enemy number one. I just want to take a picture. Just give me a nice smile. Shoulders back. Put your hair -- just lean forward a little bit. I'll just send this to a friend. I'll be right back. Reporter: She makes eye contact, and then offers more than words. Give me a hug. We're all going through hard times. I need money so bad, and i can't get a job anywhere. You know, I've been trying and applying for job after job after job. Sounds like he wants you to be a hooker. Is that what you think? Yeah. Listen, can you do this? Let me just go clean myself up. What's your name? Kaira. Say, "yes, I'll call you" just to get rid of him. Okay, okay. I'm gonna go to the bathroom. I'm gonna hook her up with some really wealthy guys. These guys are gonna take care of her. She's never gonna have to work again. Ever. Maybe she doesn't want to be a mistress or a hooker. Well, that's not what it is. Reporter: All right, stop. I'm john quinones, and this is -- no doubt what he was up to, in your mind. We were all, all three of us were like, "oh, this is not good." And she looks like a very young, innocent girl that could be taken advantage of. Reporter: Why is it important to speak up? The law of one. We're all one. Reporter: Throughout the day, we meet people who are ready to help. I didn't want to pry but, you just don't seem like that kind of person. I'm helping her. Come on. No one needs that kind of help. She'll be okay. ter: BUT WE ALSO MET Those who weren't. Let's go make some money. I was like this girl is in trouble. And she left? Yeah, yeah. Reporter: But nothing prepared us for this. Mind if I get a picture of you real quick to send to this guy and see if -- no, no. Don't do that. Not yet, no. Why would you need a picture of her if it's just for an interview? It's sort of in lieu of an interview. No, pictures are not necessary. No. The work I do -- kind of necessary. What kind of work is that? Escort? Well, she'd be showing these guys -- escort? We don't really use that term. Oh! They don't use that term, but that's what you would be. Are you interested in being an escort? I'm talking about cash tonight. You don't need cash like that. You don't want that kind of money. You really don't. You're good. You're a beautiful girl. You're down on your luck. I'll help you, okay? We'll get you a job. We'll get you situated. Don't -- please don't, okay. Thank you. Can I ask you why you're interfering with my business? I'm trying to negotiate. Because I have a daughter her age. I hope he-- I help so many gi way, I'm negotiating. I don't think she needs that kind of help. Reporter: But jeremy just keeps pushing. Let me just get a quick picture of you. I can't believe he's doing this. It's not legal. What do you mean? It's a public place. I can take a picture. Stop. I can't believe he's doing this! I'm offering her a job as basically -- an escort? I'm sorry. Prostitution? This guy, he didn't see much, but he loved your picture. Of course he does! Why don't you have him come here, I'd like to meet him. Reporter: Maybe she'd be happier to meet me. Time to let her in on our dirty little secret. Oh, my god. Reporter: How are you? Oh. Seriously! I watch your show all the time! Oh, my god! Reporter: The show lives for heroes like you. I have a daughter that's around her age. Reporter: Would you have let him walk out with her? No. Absolutely not. Everybody needs a little helping hand. And when you see somebody doing something wrong, I mean, you could step in a little bit. Reporter: The lesson today -- there's nothing high-class about indecent proposals. Announcer: Next -- boy

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{"id":19407965,"title":"What Would You Do?: Indecent Proposal","duration":"3:00","description":"A female bar patron is given a cash proposal from a seedy guy to act as a \"special companion.\"","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/proposition--19407965","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}