What Would You Do: Rude Coffee Customer Berates Barista

Will anyone come to a barista's defense when a customer berates him for mixing up her order?
6:30 | 08/26/17

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Rude Coffee Customer Berates Barista
Today where a case study coffee in Portland Oregon yeah where we're dealing with. Customer. Meet the least of brooms and those curse of cafe no monster of mocha. May show. How will customers react to her obnoxious comments to the very least who you are a moron. Would wish. For this customer can even place your order. They show jobs and with a coffee complain. I can treat us the okay what is she made me. Nice ass Foreman don't feel lucky out of its cheese shop on the siren never pet. I'm of the coffee shop on trying to get call me sir do you know what he orders yet how many times do I can't deny there. The customer takes quick glances about his Michelle some anger Hercules who she tries to stay as far from the action that's possible. I got inside an idiot can get an order rates can I have my mom takes. She can't believe the words that are coming out of Michelle's mouth we'll we'll have really really not good ideas. Pat she's speechless. While Michelle who's there to help you lose your job. But lets it spill in the second she's out the door. I love them. This customer only wants a hot tea. But Michelle's hot temper gets in the way it's. Teams knew what is this. Kevin kids I want half past two shots and the train flexing its side. Did you write it down as he killed forget. That's not what I ordered OK I'm sorry about Holland's the only you know please make it correctly. It's coffee. Fundraisers or aren't good for you can make it alerted to Italy doesn't make it sound. The customers emotions are brewing. Challenges in Iraq I'll make it that is helping us. And now she tells the rude coffee condos sold were exactly how would she feel. I tend. You know like I was very. While back I asked him for a shoe shot and one. One Deepak and green now. And without Michelle takes it a step further. Your job okay. Time to let those customer relaxed by telling her it's all part of the what would you do them. You're great you're defending your employer in what was going through your mind I don't know I just felt good. It's. What you ask your holiday. Sit back take a moment. A moment is all it takes for this next customer to speak up when Michelle tries to involve her. We are both waiting for our borders and when he came. She's in such shock that she wants to talk to our manager and that's Dave he's working for us. Explore its like. In my mind that case for complaints are warned there is a favorite it is that would warrant yeah reaction. I. But she is I just one last time. And look did you put in there I've been so you can I ask the campaign and sort you are aimed moron who. Okay sorry about that. He messed from my hard right. Anyway. Michelle continues to let him have it. And the customer continues to stand up for our re stuff. I'm that's his choice. As always right. I think teens. Michelle takes her complaint to the manager. I yeah. James James James messed up my order and forgot. Excellent. He's too nice he may step mom warriors can't get better people who work that he clearly doesn't belong here he should be fired this terrible. We have David Millar reached two packed his fast. Can't. Just got. Sorry can't tell. Customers here I know that it was a little man I'm telling him. I really means job he told you to know tonight I know again go away so go. I just I it. What about going don't you understand you've got to unhappy customers here. One and a half. Unhappy customer. We've got to thank him for being so call. We usually see on this show in the northeast and New York area. It's different in New York City what's different club board room. Portland people are literally the. You really can't choose to. Because she was insane we'll election.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"Will anyone come to a barista's defense when a customer berates him for mixing up her order?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"36820012","title":"What Would You Do: Rude Coffee Customer Berates Barista","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/rude-coffee-customer-berates-barista-36820012"}