Scamming Psychic Charges Big Bucks

In this "WWYD" scenario, a fraudulent fortune-teller takes advantage of a client.
5:59 | 05/30/14

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Transcript for Scamming Psychic Charges Big Bucks
about any street in New Orleans and you'll find plenty of places to eat, plenty of places to drink, and plenty of places to get your fortune read. Out here there's a surplus of psychics and fortune tellers looking for the chance to tell you what they see. And this morning, we're adding a faker to the mix. That's Traci, she's setting up at mister Gregory's cafe in the French quarter. Let me see your tongue. Reporter: Traci's methods -- I see a lot in a persons tongue. Stick it out. Reporter: -- Are little unconventional. Reporter: And what's clearly advertised as a $5 Reading. Okay, so the first five minutes is $5 and now I'm going to ask you for $20. Reporter: But it's turning into a much more expensive experience for Rachel, who is also an actor. 20 more dollars? I need another $20 dollars to dive in deeper. Another $20? Reporter: Another $20? Someone is clearly being scammed right in front of your eyes. "What would you do?" This customer has been watching Traci's very kooky, and costly, way of seeing the future. And as soon as Traci steps away, she tells Rachel what she thinks. I just don't know what else to do. I'm torn about something. You're pretty, you're nice. You seem pretty energetic, young. You have a good future. Reporter: A good future is surely what these college students hope for. But right now, they're just trying to wrap their heads around what they're hearing. So what I see is, there's a promotion coming. You're going to San Francisco? Detroit. Oh, sorry. Detroit. Reporter: Will anyone catch on that this fortune teller is a fraud? I see a bite in your future. A bite? You're going to be fruitful. $20 if you want more details information about your job. It's your future sweetie. If you want it, if you want to know the details, then you're going to have to pay. Reporter: When Traci takes a little break, Rachel is left alone with the stunned students. I am not into psychic Reading myself, but -- I've never tried one before. I could've advised you against that. It's a psychological deduction game. She just took $85 from me. Don't give people $85. Not in New Orleans. Reporter: We send our fake fortune teller back in. Are you guys talking to my client? Yeah. Can you please not interfere with my business? We understand that. Do you guys want your fortune read? Absolutely not, that is the last thing I want. I want my food and to leave and you are making me very uncomfortable right now. Reporter: Time to tell them something very true about their future. They're about to be on national TV. At the beginning, you were like, laughing into your face, you were shaking your head. Yeah, yeah. Reporter: Because you couldn't believe it? It was surprising that people would stick around for that wrong. And she, for $85, which was -- good thing there's people like me out there to scare the psychics away, right? Reporter: That's right. Two new customers are in place Angelina Williams looks like she is doing everything she can not to listen to what's happening. That's going to be another $20. That's what you said before. Are you the fortune teller or me? Reporter: While Jeremy Kelly just can't believe his ears. We eventually send Traci away to see if the looker and the ignorer decide to speak up. Jeremy wastes no time. Sounds like an awful time you're having. Have you ever done one of these? Reporter: And now we force Angelina to pay attention. While Traci is away, we send rach over to sit right next to her. Every time she opens her mouth it costs you $20. Yeah, I've already given her like $60. Not another dime. Say it. I'm sorry, nobody else wants to say it. I think you should just get out of here while you have a penny left in your pocket. That's all she's left me with pretty much. No I don't believe in that -- that's my personal opinion. You're not dissuading her, are you? Are you telling her not to do this? She asked my opinion and I gave it to her my opinion, and I have a right to it. Oh yeah. But you don't believe in -- Every five minutes it's $20, that's what I believe. Reporter: It's like she's had her very own psychic moment. I kept thinking it had to be one of those shows. Reporter: Why is it important for people to, to speak out? Well, because, when you see something that you feel is wrong, the easiest thing to do is to be quiet. But that's the reason why we have the quiet problems we have now. Everybody wants to turn their head the other way. Nobody wants to get involved. Nobody wants to help anybody else. Reporter: Does it say anything about New Orleans? That people speak out here? You've been through a lot. Yeah, we have. But we do have our problems. But nothing that can't be solved if we can try to help each other, lend a helping hand sometimes. Reporter: Lend a helping hand. If we could magically put that in our all our futures, it would That's it for "What would

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{"id":23939285,"title":"Scamming Psychic Charges Big Bucks","duration":"5:59","description":"In this \"WWYD\" scenario, a fraudulent fortune-teller takes advantage of a client. ","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/scamming-psychic-charges-big-bucks-23939285","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}