Thin-Crazy Mom Controls Daughter's Order at Cafe

"WWYD" scenario draws scorn for parents counting normal-size kids' calories.
3:00 | 10/19/12

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Transcript for Thin-Crazy Mom Controls Daughter's Order at Cafe
last spring darrell lynn rice wrote about the restrictive diet she put her daughter on. Put her 7-year-old on a strict diet. Critics say it's a form of child abuse. Calorie counting, deprivation, public embarrassment all in the name of scaling down. Not surprisingly she got fierce feedback, he sdpeshlly in the blogosphere so we wonder how will people react if they come face to face. Wow, I'm hungry. I must be getting thinner. With a mom making crazy diet demands on her average size daughter. We brought her hidden cameras to two blonds & a stove to find out -- what would you . A salad. No carrots. They're fattening. This woman is all ears. Definitely no cheese and on the grilled chicken, make it without any oil or butter. What kind of dressing. Do something really low fat like maybe a lemon. Just lemon? Mom, I'm so hungry. You know what, this is for your own good. When we send rebecca away, she sees her opportunity to weigh in. I have a friend whose son lost a lot of weight on weight watchers. It gave them the chance to make choices. If you take everything away, she's just going to want to rebel. You think I'm overdoing it. It sounds a little harsh for a child. What about this question -- do you think I need to lose weight? I think that it's always a good idea to learn how to be healthy. You didn't want to tell her her mother was wrong? No, her mother is looking out for the best for her and just needed to explore other options. No pancakes. Or carbs or cheese or sugar. We're rolling again and so is mom. I'm going to need an extra plate because I'm going to take things off if it's too much. Mom step as way and we tell rebecca to sneak some potato chips. Laughter quickly turns to compassion. How old are you. 9. You're a very pretty good. I need to lose weight. I think you're just perfect. What are you chewing? A chip. The potato chips. Mom, I only ate two. That's too many. One is too many. Excuse me. You have a beautiful, lovely daughter. She is perfect the way she is. You are creating a monster. What do you suggest? Nothing. She's 9. When she's 16 and she gets into boys, then you'll worry about her. Right now she's 9. I am trying to do what's best for her. But you're not. We have three daughters. They all went through the same thing. I've been there. I did what you're doing and my daughter is a therapist today and she said to me, she said, your heart was in the right place but you did it wrong. I mean look at her, she's gorgeous. Time to tell her we think so too. Oh. This one is really good. Let me tell you. This is rebecca. She's beautiful the way she is. You're very good. Thank you. . My gosh. Boy, what a lecture you gave them. I mean I am the mother of three girls and really -- it's hard sometimes. Terrible. What did you wrestle with? The way it is. Especially with my oldest. Put emphasis on looks you had that. Especially these young girls. Your advice to parents like that. Let the kid be a kid. We wondered will people be as passionate to let a boy be a boy? It's anthony's turn now. No, no, no. You had pizza yesterday. Yes. What else did you have? Cookies. What? Several diners are listening. Pizza and a cupcake? But everyone keeps to themselves. No, those pizza parties are done. You put all your calories in one afternoon. And now mom's away. You want me to get you something. A brownie. Time for anthony to play. She's going to kill him. Shouldn't I have done that? Probably not. They may not agree, but will they cover for him? Will you hide this from my mommy -- I'm not going toll hide it. Tell mommy it was a mistake. Here she comes. Will they save him from the wrath of mom? What are you doing? Was he eating this? Did you want to tell mommy something? Yes, he was. Honestly. How are you? I wanted to say I'm going to shoot myself if she doesn't shut the brownie. We're wondering will anyone take his side. Quesadilla, cheese and guacamole. No cheese. Why? We're not eating cheese. I didn't have breakfast. I skip meals all the time. The reason you didn't have breakfast is you ate pizza yesterday. She'll bring you water. She's so upset. Before she does -- what you're doing is wrong. I overheard you saying, anthony, I skip meals all day. That's how I stay slim. I don't know what your problem is. You look beautiful. I don't starve myself. I eat three or four meals a day. I can't even watch. Dear god. Sounds like the rest of the diners agree. I couldn't watch it anymore. What does this do to a child? You do that to a child they'll develop eating disorders. You got two beautiful daughters. Your advice to parents who worry about kids' weight? I think that there's a time and a place and age where you

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{"id":17523394,"title":"Thin-Crazy Mom Controls Daughter's Order at Cafe","duration":"3:00","description":"\"WWYD\" scenario draws scorn for parents counting normal-size kids' calories.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/thin-crazy-mom-controls-daughters-order-cafe-17523394","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"Default"}