What Would You Do: Woman bumps into man and steals his cash

A man drops an envelope full of cash when he bumps into a woman at a mall. She bends down to help him, but steals some for herself when he’s not looking. What will people do?
7:29 | 08/31/19

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Woman bumps into man and steals his cash
Tim. It's raining mind. Inside this shopping center just like we've seen cash coming down on the roadways across the country they Brinks trucks spilling money. Onto in New Jersey highway he. Old going after cash expelling all over interstate 74 and central Illinois an armored truck accidentally. Making it rain in Indiana who legally finders keepers doesn't really apply here then ask yourself. What would you do you wait a minute that's my line. Get that in the second. I'm so sorry about that I just have got to this news and bank here let me help you thank you when he everywhere there's a moment there well thank you. If you see someone taking money that isn't. Cashing in on this store managers potentially costly prices thank you so much. They're trying to sell what it would. Our cameras are hidden high above the stores at the miss sealed valley mall in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Oh. Suddenly are actors slam right into each other on what John all right. Thank you thank you for your. Thank you so much I wouldn't read events maybe we'll. And this woman is quick to call out the crime in fact many. A million times you just let me you know I didn't you do that icing and I didn't know yeah this no I remember that story. He's tracking visas yeah. I'm hopefully not. Can look I didn't listen I didn't enjoy hello you're gonna get me out. And instead of waiting for Stephanie do US she's told she takes matters into her own hand. Really are you kidding me. Where her hands. That's my my my I had that money distracted him and happiness and still many who knew I know I. I finally come tonight UCK companion. Lilly and don't worry ma'am we've got it all alone powered cameras as well. Time to say hello Al. Phyllis why you do what you. Ray is do you have to be honest. I have people still need in this honest I don't want anything. It's beautiful you think we'll find that a New Mexico IEA even minded. Don't hold my second act of kindness humming something along the. Once again our actors to lie. Why god. And this eleven year old immediately takes notice also started Ireland to get back with cash covering the floor. He lands Patrick helping hands. Thanks so much I appreciate it. Penniless when it is next. He does everything right well not everything. He gives his mama little pink. But Stephanie walks away a few dollars richer and the family returns to shopping. Didn't see. Thought he's telling his mom is telling us but after a quick chat. They're back. She took so you. He's arm yeah. That's the little boy what did you see when what did you see. She's really. On the Chinese security some of that guys monsoon around reflect. Thank you so much. No need to wait very long. We're on our way out my guys or a news. You could have kept it to yourself. Who talked to death. Yeah it's a brother definitely whether you talk. It's important not seeing everything you know that's the number one priority is speed good respectful movies and it. Here we go home prices got a boat into a mountain. The signals throughout the day shoppers are where actors bring in gen action thanks so much for your out. This woman seems to notice that something's not adding up. Yeah yeah. She tries to convince our criminal to turn herself then you know. Have Stephanie walk away and even though she watches I gotta go. Stephanie slowly leads the season. She wakes with us as we get help and so we say hello. They gave wiedmeyer grabbed me. Good human being thank god somebody else we can't prove they're not speak. That some are back there when she seasoned staff police real. They get out there. I don't remember any dissent I am learning about the money do you shocking thing given that maybe she quickly calls for help out here. I'm just trying to help more as an actor Gary. Well this next customer here is securities. And why why are necessary okay. Young man who mobbed it is so much trouble yeah she's a former police officer. Why don't I don't know what will you only what was going on. He brought their. We'll come see Justin so I doubt she's a big enough right no she's not she put them in her jacket because your good news the capitol of kidnapping and murder of the holders of the. She's didn't want to talk to us on camera. But what did Stephanie thinking that well what happened. Had put a little money my pocket and nice soccer catch me immediately expelled her presents and she grabbed me coming district. She was not letting me get away I was whereas. Good stuff that's right I I felt that a hundred Chris didn't exactly lending going anywhere good. We may get rain one last time. And this man sees something and says some. Obama care whether. And even when she tries to quiet them with a cash. They have no problem blab being on our band who's telling all right here's telling around her neck NASCAR I. Right here I have in your hands they got down and got up. Come on I need the money back just my job but only I didn't take anything like yeah heck you can really aren't morning. Prices generally what I gotta get your if you have a brother Craig she instead of securities we step then to question the witness. I'm sorry I'm judge of the others it's what would you do. She wanted to share with you want to share the excellent outside directing. You could use the money I could use money on luxury sky but you know I've lived their life myself I'm something. Started directing so many people today did the right thing really turn within the beef and that's a quality. You can take to the bank.

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"A man drops an envelope full of cash when he bumps into a woman at a mall. She bends down to help him, but steals some for herself when he’s not looking. What will people do?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"65303637","title":"What Would You Do: Woman bumps into man and steals his cash","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/woman-bumps-man-steals-cash-65303637"}