WWYD: Drunk Valet Tries to Park Cars

How will people react when a valet parking attendant who appears to be drunk gets behind the wheel of a customer's car?
8:02 | 08/29/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WWYD: Drunk Valet Tries to Park Cars
Reporter: It's Sunday brunch, time to go out for a bite and maybe kick back a little. More drinks! Reporter: Except this brunch is gonna be a bit boozy. In fact, this guy is having such a great time he's forgotten that for him, this is no day off. Oh, my god! I have to work today! I got to go. I'm sorry. See you guys later. Reporter: Not only is he late for work, he's clearly still intoxicated. And he gets there just as this woman pulls in looking for a valet. That's right, he is the valet attendant, and parking may be a lot bigger headache than his hangover. Of course, it's all a setup. From our fake valet stand to a rented car. We even trained our actor to safely knock over a few props on the street with the help of this stunt driver. Drive into the trash can and slam on the brake quick. Cool. Reporter: How will the people of montclair, New Jersey, react when they see a drunk valet attendant get behind the wheel? "What would you do?" I'm actually drunk. I was at brunch and had five mimosas. Reporter: He tries to sober up, asking for a little help from a nearby water stand. Can I get a water? I'm a little queasy. I need to sober up. Reporter: But there's no time to sober up. He's got a new customer. And now, will this family blow the horn on his drinking and driving? Hi, can I help you with anything? Will you park my car, please? Reporter: Guess what's about to happen now? They're stunned. He doesn't want to get in trouble, or worse, fired. Can you just keep this quiet? I'll totally fix it. Reporter: We send Mary back out. Now, will he keep our drunk's secret? Hold on, hold on, hold on. Reporter: It turns out Nate asamere just cannot tell a lie. Yes? What if you messed up her car? You can't just -- No. Do you see a scratch on your car? Are you sure he did it? I saw him. We all saw him. No, you didn't. Why did you have to say something? I could actually get fired. I don't know what to tell you, man. You hit her car. She needs to know. Reporter: Hi there, how are you? Hi. Reporter: I'm John Quinones with the TV show -- You know what, I thought that's what -- I thought that's what it was. Reporter: What were you thinking? And he said that he had a rough night last night. Now everybody is involved, everybody watching. Reporter: You got that right. They won't be the only ones watching. Who put this -- hey, can you guys just like not say anything? To who? Like, between us, I had a few at brunch. We don't need to know. I forgot my glasses. Reporter: No hesitation here. Excuse me? A little old lady. Don't be a -- Own up to what? You know what? No. Reporter: Loud, condemning reaction. Pretty impressive. Next, along come these women, who are a pair of jokers. I just came from brunch. I had a little too much to drink. I need to sober up. Good thing you're not parking my car. Can I park your car? No, I just got my mini. Reporter: And when Mary pulls up, they turn into a pair of psychics, peering into the future. Let's see if he hits the garbage can. Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing. Oh. What did I just say? Yeah. Reporter: Now, will they defend our drunk valet? Did anybody hear anything? An empty trash can. Are you sure? He smelled a little bit like alcohol. But you heard a crash? We didn't really see anything. Reporter: Didn't see anything? Time to get to the bottom of this. I'm John Quinones, with the TV show "What would you do?" Oh, no. Reporter: You protected the valet guy. I'm good for the underdogs. We didn't know he was drunk. We protected both people. Reporter: Throughout the day, others found it difficult to turn him in. Oh, shoot. Oh, my god. Did you hear anything? I was in there and I heard this -- I don't know. Reporter: This next woman couldn't agree more. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Someone should really call the cops on this guy. Reporter: Mary's back again, searching for those glasses. I'm going to go get them. Excuse me, ma'am. He just hit your car into that. He hit my car? Yes. No, I didn't. Reporter: And that's it. Leah rothfritz loses her patience and calls the cops. 911, where's your emergency? A valet parking guy is drunk and he just drove into the garbage can. I can get fired, ma'am. I am going to get fired. Reporter: Well, argue no more. The police, of course, already know we're here. And the only lights she'll see are the lights of our cameras. I'm John Quinones with the TV show "What would you do?" Oh, my god. I'm having like an anxiety attack right now. Oh, my god. Reporter: You're okay. You felt you had to say something? Yes, for sure. I didn't want him to drive away and hurt someone else. Reporter: So the moral of the story is speak up, eh?

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{"id":24724135,"title":"WWYD: Drunk Valet Tries to Park Cars ","duration":"8:02","description":"How will people react when a valet parking attendant who appears to be drunk gets behind the wheel of a customer's car?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/wwyd-drunk-valet-park-cars-24724135","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"default"}