'WWYD' Hits the Casino: Found Wallet

Part 1: A lucky lady finds a wallet with a winning ticket inside.
8:25 | 06/28/13

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Transcript for 'WWYD' Hits the Casino: Found Wallet
Reporter: Hello, and welcome to "what would you do?" Although this time around, it's more like, what wouldn't you do? From the hilarious to the moving, let's get right to it. The scene set, the actors in place, and the hidden cameras are rolling. We're at the mohegan sun hotel and casino in connecticut with dreams of striking it rich. ♪ our actors, traci and vanessa, are looking for the big payoff. Luck be a lady tonight! But what if instead of winning, say, at the craps table, you win by finding someone else's money? We're at the casino restaurant jasper white's summershack,hen traci lucks up and finds a wallet. Finders keepers. Losers weepers. Reporter: The cameras are romming when we meet these casino regulars. Did you drop something? Is this yours? Yes. That's yours? No. Is there cash in it? Seriously that's not yours? No, it's not. Swear to god, my license is right there. That's not you. That's you? What's your name? Reporter: His name? Certainly not vince august. So these brothers change their strategy. How about we split it? We split it. You want to split it? Split it? Is that you? We split it. Of course it's me. Look at me. Me with a goatee. You have to be quiet about it. We just won. You did? This is a good human. Reporter: If finding a wallet is a good omen, then what kind of omen is losing one? Oh, there's a cash voucher? How much? 190. Put it down! Let me see it for one second. I'm totally honest. I'm totally honest. Did he say totally honest? And that guy is vince. He's with us and he's frantically looking for his wallet. Excuse me, miss? Anybody seen a wallet? No one seeps that wallet, you understand me? Brown leather wallet? No. No, sorry. Reporter: No dice from our actors or the brothers. Sit on it. Don't get off. Reporter: Vince makes a final plea of desperation to the bartender. Listen, they find it -- keep the cash, just give me my credit cards, my i.D. I don't even car about the money. Reporter: Deal or no deal? I would return it. Are you out of your mind? No, we'll split the cash. Yes. This is bad. We all did this. We all did it. Let's do the right thing. We'll do the right thing. If he gets his credit cards and license, he'll be a happy, happy camper. So, let's just grab the cash when we get a chance and we'll return the wallet to the front desk, all of us will walk up. Feel really nervous about it. Anybody that found it, anybody in the world would have taken the cash. I always -- I have found wallets. I take the cash and I throw the wall let in the bamailbox. We did actually find it. Reporter: But it's a little lighter. Okay. We just made money and he got his back. So, he's happy, okay? Okay. Reporter: So, what happens after mohegan sun stays at mohegan sun? Hey, guys, how are you doing? I'm john quinones with the tv show "what would you do?" "What would you do?" Give it right back. Reporter: You gave it right back? Absolutely. Reporter: What about the cash? I have no idea. Reporter: You were on hidden camera. She's an actress. This is traci and vanessa, they're actors. Did I try? Reporter: You were the one with the idea, give him at least the wallet back. I didn't care about the money it just -- I mean, I took a beating this week. I just made 300 bucks, money in my pocket, you know what I mean. I've seen you on tv. This ain't right. Reporter: Time for us to take another crack at the table. Oh -- oh. Is this yours? No. Oh, wow. That's a -- you sure this isn't yours? No. Just turn it into them. Or they have a lost and found or whatever. Buff I would ask her. I would speak to her. So, don't keep it? What was that? I didn't see a thing. What happened to finders ke keep keepers. Reporter: Finders keepers? Not according to this couple, who shares a story. Well -- let me put it to you this way. He lost a wallet one time, there's a lot of cash in there and somebody turned it in. So, I'm kind of that, but -- i didn't see a thing. Everything was inside? Yeah. Reporter: Time to send in vince. I'm sorry, anybody here happen to find a wall let? Reporter: This couple has no words for him. Thank you. Reporter: And they have none for traci, either. We send traci and vanessa away. Thanks, guys. Reporter: But not before leaving some of vince's money on the table. I have my phone number here -- there was a voucher in there, there was cash, my driver's license -- sir, there's your money. I don't know anything. I can't -- that's all I can tell you. It was left for me, I don't want it. This is the money from my wallet? Yeah. Yes, sir. I didn't belong to me and I did not pick up your wallet. That's all I can tell you. I'm sorry, sir. I wish I could have done more. Reporter: The couple remains tight lipped on the girls. Time for me to cut them loose. Reporter: I'm john quinones -- I know. I've seen you on the show. I seen the lights, I'm like, oh, crap. Reporter: Tell us what you were thinking. You know, do the right thing. Whoever finds the wallet, keep the cash, I don't care. That's fine by me. Reporter: You tried to cover up for the girls. You said, we would say anybody. We should have said something, but you know, I don't know. So -- that's it. What can I tell you? Somebody's wallet. Reporter: This woman is sure she knows how to handle a lost wallet. I would go to lost and found. Yeah? You probably get a reward. Reporter: And when traci doesn't ante up the wallet when vince returns -- have you seen anything? No. D . Reporter: Deb is disgusted. Thank you for not saying anything. That was wrong. I was waiting for them to do the right thing. Reporter: They thought it was their lucky day. No. Karma, you got to be honest. And I think always do the right thing. The word of the day. How much is it? Oh, my god. I wouldn't steal that money. I'm -- karma is bad. Don't do that. Huh? Karma's a . It will come back to you. I never would do that. I'd give the money back. What if it was your wallet? Did you guys see a wallet? I sat right here last night. Reporter: Karma forces this guy to take matters into his own hands. Come on, give it back. We did find a wallet. Reporter: And take that wallet out of traci's. You got it? Yeah. Oh, dude, thank you so much. Spend it in the casinos. We hope you win a lot of money. Can I buy you lunch or something? Thanks. Why did you do that? Karma. Karma, man. You know? It's going to come back to you. It's good for you. It is? I mean, you got to spread it, you know? Reporter: Let's see what kind of karma I bring. Hi, guys. I told you! Reporter: Turn around, turn around, turn around. I can't believe it. You wat Reporter: You watch "what would you do?" Yes, we do. See you guys friday nights, yeah, on tv. Reporter: How about this guy? You could have kept it. I mean, I don't make a lot of money as it is, but -- there's too much badness in this world and you got to spread the wealth. You got to spread the goodness. Reporter: If he wasn't here, would you have given back the wallet? Honestly, I really don't know. It was -- like, the temptation is there. All I say is karma.

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{"id":19529344,"title":"'WWYD' Hits the Casino: Found Wallet","duration":"8:25","description":"Part 1: A lucky lady finds a wallet with a winning ticket inside.","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/wwyd-hits-casino-found-wallet-19529344","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"default"}