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From bullying to abuse, racial attacks and public humiliation, "What Would You Do?" has captured people's split-second and often surprising decisions when they're thrust into real-life ethical scenarios.

Do you have a favorite scenario from season's past that you want to see again?

Vote for your favorite scenario from the list below, and it might be featured on a special "Viewers' Choice" episode of "What Would You Do?," Friday, Dec. 17 at 9 p.m. ET.

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'What Would You Do?' Scenarios

Battered Woman: What do people do when they notice a man being both physically rough with and verbally abusive to his significant other? Her arms, neck, and face are covered in bruises and scrapes from an earlier altercation. Will people come to her aid and take her away from her abusive partner? Does their race matter? What about if she is dressed more provocatively?

Gay Parents: What would you do if while eating at a neighborhood diner, you overhear a manager and waiter being offensive and rude to a gay couple and their children? The waiter tells the two that their parenting is unnatural and explains to them that if they were anywhere else in the country, he wouldn't even have to serve them. Would you intervene or walk away?

Wasted Girl: A young girl at a bar overindulged while partying with friends. As the drinks went down, a young man sidled up next to her. His intentions quickly became questionable. Does anyone step in? What if our actress had been dressed more provocatively?

Bridezilla: This "What Would You Do" segment showcases the conflict that a bridesmaid might face when her bride is a controlling and demanding Bridezilla. The culmination will come when our Bridezilla reveals a "Bridesmaid contract." stating that the bridesmaids cannot gain weight, get pregnant, dye their hair, plus other ridiculous conditions. What will the bridesmaids do? Grin and bear it, or confront the Bridezilla?

Pharmacy Costs: An older woman goes to the pharmacy to get her diabetes prescription filled. She gives the pharmacist her prescription, but instead of a small co-pay the cost comes to $140.00. Unable to pay the bill, she dissolves into tears and other customers watch in dismay. What will other customers do and say? Will they come to her aide?

Shopping While Black: A black shopper walks into an upscale clothing boutique in New York City but immediately feels unwelcome and under suspicion. The store's security guard and a sales clerk immediately trail her. What began as discreet trailing escalates when the guard accused her of shoplifting, asks the customer if he can look inside her bag, frisks her and ultimately throws her out of the store. Will fellow customers speak up?

Day Laborers: Two Latino men who place a simple order at a deli are met by extreme prejudice from the cashier. We capture the reactions of the other customers as they wrestle with how to respond to the scenario.

Baby in a Hot Car: Imagine walking down a busy street and suddenly hearing a cry coming from a parked car. When you look closer, you spot a baby in the backseat and notice that all the windows are closed. It's a hot summer day and the parents are nowhere to be found. Will passerbys come to the rescue or keep walking?

Cell Phone:A loud obnoxious caller is disrupting everyone's meal. How much cell-phone chatter will people tolerate? What if the caller is a woman? Does that matter?

Mean Girls: We've all heard the stories of female bullying, and how ruthless teen girls can be -- wreaking emotional havoc on their peers with verbal cruelty, and sometimes physical violence too. What would happen if people were to witness an incident of "girl bullying" in a public park -- where the abuse is much more verbal than physical? Would people step in to defend a young female bullying victim, or walk on by?