Daily Candy's Holiday Picks

Budget-Friendly and Splurge-Worthy Holiday Gifts from Daily Candy

Dec. 15, 2008— -- Looking for cute holiday gifts that won't bust your budget? Or are you willing to splurge a little this season?

Whether you're looking for a steal or a splurge, "GMA Now" asked the editors of DailyCandy.com to name their favorite gift ideas they found online. Here are their picks:

1. Dannijo Aphrodite cuff, $318

Leave medical tools to the experts, i.e., genius Dannijo jewelry designers Danielle and Jodie Snyder. The sisters use them to get their intricate creations just right (the former learned wiring from playing in her dad's medical bag as a kid). The prognosis is lookin' good for the girls, whose collection features bold but tasteful — and downright pretty — pieces, all handmade in NYC. Think big layered gold chain necklaces, hand-hammered Byzantine cuffs, and dangly earrings resembling "the whiskers of a French cat."

2. Happy Socks, $10

The unisex styles are made by a family-run company that is also responsible for keeping the feet of Belgian and Turkish soldiers warm. Available in solids, two-tones, or even four- or five-color combos, they'll turn your sock drawer into an art show. And if you are perpetually losing socks, start off mismatched with the Odd Couple — a pair of inversely colored feet warmers.

3. Works on Whatever Artist Towels, $50 Proceeds from these limited-edition beach towels go to Art Production Fund, a nonprofit that develops public art projects.

4. Nest Pretty Things Hair Gift Set, $15

Crafty lady in Vermont hand-makes adorable hair accessories, note cards and pouches.

5. Pillow Pillow Pillow Dog Pillows, $86

The entire collection of puppy dog and kitty cat cushions is now available online. The new Litter collection will make you swoon.

6. Looks-way-more-expensive than it is Indian patterned platter, $125 or $150

7. Erica Weiner Herkimer Diamond Ring, $100

The six-sided, double-terminated quartz crystals are giant in size and have a diamond-in-the-rough aesthetic but cost only a whopping one hundred bucks (for serious). Each is unique and set by hand in a solitaire, sterling silver, raised-bezel setting.

8. Nankeen's Weekend Bag---perfect for any man, $215

9. Hand-Painted Ostrich Egg, $149

A great gift for the bachelor with everything. Fits in anywhere.

10. James Beard Friend Membership, $29.00

Perfect and inexpensive gift for foodies: a gift membership to the James Beard Foundation for $29 per year for a national membership category called "Friend." A James Beard Foundation membership is a unique gift option for food lovers, giving them a seat at the table of one of the most important culinary organizations in the world.