Picture of Health Finalist Maria Ruoff

Maria Ruoff, 69

Shillington, Pa.

Good Morning America! My name is Maria. I'll try to condense my life in 250 words. I am now 15 months short of 70. One year ago I weighed 180, today 130. Here goes, I was a widow at 24 with a newborn and a 2 year old. My husband died of leukemia. I devoted my life to helping others with serious illnesses and then I was diagnosed with cancer. After treatment and radiation, I again atarted taking care of others because I was grateful to be alive.

I then discovered I had chronic Lyme Disease. I was very sick and in pain and inactive for many years and finally realized I had to now take care of ME! I started an "At Home" program with my motto being I have P-M-S (Physical Mental & Spiritual strength). I walk on the treadmill 3 times a day for 15 minutes each time. I lift light weights 4 times a week and do lots of my own "discoveries" to help my fibromyalgia pain.I'm also an artist and now doing paintings about our health issues.


Help me say Good Morning America in June and I'll be able to tell you so much more about the food I eat and the suppplemnts I take. Thanks, Peace and Blessings! I AM the new Maria Ruoff!

Each contestant has a charity which will receive $5000 of their $10,000 prize if they win.
Learn more about Maria Ruoff's charity, the Lyme Disease Foundation .