A dating app for Trump supporters? 'The View' discusses if having the same politics as your partner is necessary in a relationship

Whoopi Goldberg said we can "learn something" from those we disagree with.

Are relationships better when we share the same political perspective as our partner? "The View" co-hosts weighed in on a new dating app exclusively for Trump supporters.

The Donald Daters app was launched Monday with the aim of allowing pro-Trump singles to meet each other "without bias, judgment, or liberal intolerance."

Abby Huntsman said "it's not easy" to be a single conservative in the dating world -- she shares what she's been told by her conservative friends about their experiences.

"They say when they go out on a first date, they ... have to make up what they do or who they voted for, what their political views are. When they do express what they are, they don't get a second date," Huntsman said.

Sunny Hostin countered, "Why can't they just date each other?"

Huntsman believes that's a bad idea: "What if at this table, everyone said the same thing, thought the same thing -- I don't want to live in that world!"

Whoopi Goldberg said that only being close with people we align with politically is "restrictive" and that we can "learn something" from people who disagree.

"Maybe some of the things you feel, I can see. And some of the things I feel you can see,” said Whoopi.

"You can love people who think differently, you can love people who look different, you can love people who are nothing like you," Goldberg said.

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