Biden, Abrams reps pour cold water on running mate 'rumors'
WATCH: Former Congressman Beto O'Rourke raises $6 million for his campaign and former Vice President Joe Biden teases presidential campaign.
<p> Representatives for <a href="" id="_ap_link_Joe Biden_JoeBiden_" target="_blank">Joe Biden</a> and Stacey Abrams say that rumors the former vice president planned to choose the onetime Georgia gubernatorial candidate as his 2020 running mate are "false" and that there was "no grand plan hatched."</p> <p> Biden spokesman Bill Russo tweeted Friday that the ex-vice president "has an enormous amount of respect for" Abrams, noting Biden endorsed her in the gubernatorial race. "But," Russo tweeted, "these rumors about discussions on a pre-cooked ticket are false, plain and simple."</p> <amp-ad width=330 height=215 class="amp-ad" layout=responsive type="yieldmo" data-ymid="1371679753232875073"> </amp-ad><p> Abrams' spokeswoman Lauren Groh-Wargo responded by saying Abrams "enjoyed meeting" with Biden but "there was no grand plan hatched" and she was keeping her options for 2020 open.</p> <p> Both Biden and Abrams are considering 2020 Democratic presidential runs, and Biden advisers had reportedly discussed options to mitigate concerns about his age.</p>