Pet zebra escapes Florida home, is fatally shot by its owner
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<p> Authorities say a pet zebra escaped from a Florida home and was shot and killed by its owner, who wasn't licensed to own the animal.</p> <p> News outlets report the Nassau County Sheriff's Office says the zebra, named Shadow, injured itself somehow while escaping Wednesday in the town of Callahan.</p> <amp-ad width=330 height=215 class="amp-ad" layout=responsive type="yieldmo" data-ymid="1371666030755428697"> </amp-ad><p> Neighbors told WTLV-TV that the zebra was cornered by the owner and killed as authorities responded to the scene.</p> <p> Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission investigators say the owner didn't have a valid captive wildlife license. Authorities didn't immediately release person's identity.</p> <p> No other exotic <a href="" id="_ap_link_animals_Animals_" target="_blank">animals</a> were found on the property and the commission is trying to determine how the zebra escaped.</p>