U.S. Census: Richest and Poorest States

U.S. Census data this week revealed the nation faces higher poverty and median incomes slipping back to 1996 levels — but the trouble was not the same across the country: States saw different rates of economic growth, or lack thereof.

Financial website 24/7 Wall Street compiled a list that describes the pecking order of richest and poorest states based on U.S. Census data. The poorest states tended to be in the South, while the richest were in the Northeast.

The top five richest states were actually all on the East Coast, except for one — Alaska. True to its state motto, “North to the future,” Alaska may be the land of promise after all.

Here’s a look at 24/7 Wall Street’s lists of top five richest and poorest states according to median income:

Top 5 Richest States

1. New Hampshire , median income: $66,303 Poverty rate: 7.1% (the lowest) Without health insurance: 10.1% (7th lowest) Unemployment: 5.2% (4th lowest)

2. Connecticut, m edian income: $65,958 Poverty rate: 8.3% (2nd lowest) Without health insurance: 10.5% (9th lowest) Unemployment: 9.1% (19th highest)

3. New Jersey , median income: $65,173 Poverty rate: 9.8% (7th lowest) Without health insurance: 14.4% (22nd highest) Unemployment: 9.5% (14th highest)

4. Maryland , median income: $64,596 Poverty rate: 9.7% (6th lowest) Without health insurance: 12.6% (17th lowest) Unemployment: 7.2% (14th lowest)

5. Alaska , median income: $61,872 Poverty rate: 10.8% (13th lowest) Without health insurance: 18.3% (10th highest) Unemployment: 7.7% (20th lowest)
Top 5 Poorest States
1. Mississippi , median income: $36,850 Poverty rate: 21.3% (the highest) Without health insurance: 18.7% (8th highest) Unemployment rate: 10.4% (7th highest)
2. Arkansas , median income: $38,600 Poverty rate: 16.5% (8th highest) Without health insurance: 18.5% (9th highest) Unemployment rate: 8.2% (25th highest)
3. Tennessee , median income: $40,026 Poverty rate: 16.1% (11th highest) Without health insurance: 14.7% (20th highest) Unemployment rate: 9.8% (11th highest)
4. West Virginia , median income: $40,824 Poverty rate: 15.7% (12th highest) Without health insurance: 13.9% (25th highest) Unemployment rate: 8.1% (tied for 24th lowest)
5. Louisiana , median income: $41,896 Poverty rate: 18% (4th highest) Without health insurance: 18% (11th highest) Unemployment rate: 7.6% (17th lowest)