Video Suggests Another Approach to Occupying Wall Street – Send Them Garbage

Artie Moffa wanted to occupy Wall Street, but his day job was getting in the way. Instead, the San Franciscan poet and SAT tutor devised a way he could keep Wall Street occupied from the comfort of his home and office.

All that’s required is a little junk mail.

“I kept getting all of these credit card mailers,” Moffa told “It struck me as tone deaf that banks would continue hawking their wares in the midst of all of this.”

But Moffa took an old idea and applied it to the Occupy movements, teaching viewers of his YouTube video how they could use prepaid envelopes intended for credit card applications to send a message to the banks.

Moffa doesn’t just want viewers to include just a letter, though.

He suggested bulking the envelope up with other papers and objects, such as a piece of wood that would make the envelope rigid and heavier, costing the banks more.

But running up the postage is not the primary purpose, just a secondary bonus.

“When they get a few dozen roofing shingles, a few hundred wood shims and a few thousand empty envelopes, they’re probably going to have a meeting about it,” he said in the video. “This is an opportunity for a dialogue.”