Black Friday Weekend Shopping: What You Should Buy Now, and When You Can Wait

Matthew Staver/Bloomberg/Getty Images 

ABC News’ Becky Worley reports:

The Black Friday shopping bonanza is well under way.  Last year, an estimated four percent of people who were surveyed said they would be buying a tablet in the run-up to the holidays. This year, that number has grown  to 15 percent.

So, should you buy this weekend — or wait until later in the season for even bigger savings? Here are my recommendations:

iPad: Buy

Apple is having a sale on the iPad and the company won’t discount it again. Other retailers may discount the popular tablet but the demand will be high, so you may lose out. And since 65 percent of people who want a tablet really want an iPad, if you’re considering it as a gift for someone else, you definitely should buy it now.

Kindle Fire: Buy

An estimated 22 percent of those who want a table want this new gadget from I’ve prodded my sources and haven’t heard any news of a possible discount — and since it’s a new item, it could very well sell out. Buy it now.

Android Tablets: Wait

These tablets – which include the Galaxy Tab – will likely be deeply discounted. If you plan to get one, you should try to wait as long as you can for the deepest discounts.

Toys: Wait

Black Friday and the days after it are the worst times to buy toys and hot gifts for kids. I actually saw the list price of the Nintendo 3DS go up everywhere by $25 dollars last week, so it was at a high price this weekend.

Brand Name TVs: Wait

Historically, the lowest prices on brand name TVs are after the New Year, but prices do soften as we get closer to Christmas. This year in particular, with no new feature that marketers can upsell us – such as 3D, or a new standard or specs that merit an upgrade — the only lever retailers can pull to get us to buy is to lower prices dramatically.

While it won’t be a fire sale, expect a dog fight in the aisles as we get closer to the Super Bowl.

Discount TVs: Buy

Any of those insanely priced deals on Dynex, Westinghouse, and Insignia brands should be gobbled up before the turkey leftovers are gone.

Android Phones: Buy is having a sale on Android phones. Devices that would normally cost $200 to $250 are on sale until Monday for one cent — with a contract.

Airfare for Christmas: Buy this coming week

The average airfare for domestic travel in the U.S. around December 25 is $433. Making your booking during the first week of December, up until the 10 th, will yield the best deals — about six percent below average. You should book before prices begin to rise again. If you booked your Christmas airline ticket in September, you paid an average of 27 percent more.

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