10-Year-Old Asks Santa for Made in America Gifts

Courtesy Kathleen McKelligott

Most kids ask Santa Claus for a particular toy or a specific game, but Jesse Clements, 10, from Asheville, N.C.,  had only one request, that his gift be made in America.

"I just want for Americans to have their jobs. So by that I would need kids to ask their parents to get gifts made in America for their birthdays or Christmas," Clements said.

Clements and his mother, Kathleen McKelligott, a server at Red Lobster,  watch "World News with Diane Sawyer" almost every night and were inspired by the "Made in America" series.  So, when it came time for Clements to submit his Red Lobster Holiday Wish List, he decided to make a statement.

"Jesse as a child is sending a message to other kids to start thinking about asking their parents for a gift made in America for Christmas or their birthdays to get people back to work and help the economy," McKelligott, 50, told ABC News.

Another employee at Red Lobster will sponsor Clements' wish list, but he said it doesn't matter what gifts he receives.

"I just want Americans to have their jobs back."

Jesse and Kathleen have joined "World News'" Made in America Christmas. Are you in?  Click here and let us know.

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