How to Turn Your Clutter Into Cash

ABC News' Becky Worley reports:

Selling your used items is a lot easier and more profitable than the old days of a garage sale. Web sites, apps, and online auctions are just the start. Here's a list of the apps and tricks you can use to turn the clutter around your home into cash.

How to Price Anything

Search eBay and choose the completed listings option in the advanced search. You'll see what an item actually sold for, not the pie-in-the-sky price originally asked.

How to Price Furniture

Start by knocking 50 percent off the purchase price. Then discount more for wear and tear. Chair sets and anything that can be used in an office hold value well as do leather furniture items. If you bought it at IKEA, don't bet on much of a return because items there are so inexpensive to start with.

Selling Women's Clothing

Brand name items can find a new home using apps specifically designed for resale. Poshmark is a good example. Use your built in camera to take a picture, use voice dictation or the iPhone's Siri to describe the item, and then you get an alert when anyone bids on your item. Fashionphile does the same for high-end purses and accessories.

Selling Children's Clothing

Selling individual kid's clothing items on eBay could be a full time job. So if you aren't willing to go through the hassle, try They send you a bag with prepaid postage, you put all your kids clothes in, and then they pay you for them. Usually resellers average $20-40 a bag and there are some types of kids clothes they don't take, but it's a good hassle-free option.

Selling Electronics

I compared all the different gadget trade in sites like Nextworth, CExchange and Gazelle to see who gives you the best price for old phones. In my test, Nextworth came out on top, but if you're willing to try eBay, there were some reasons to give it a shot to squeeze every last penny out of your used gear.