QUIZ: Which of These Women Got the $600 Haircut?

(Image Credit: ABC News)

Adir Abergel is the man behind the most-talked-about haircut of recent months: Anne Hathaway's pixie, seen by millions who watched the Oscars in February. He charges $600.

Ilona Shine, a master colorist and industry veteran, said more expensive isn't necessarily better. She can't tell the difference between a $20 cut and a $500 one, she said.

Can you?

"20/20? sent four women - Amber, Sunny, Nicole and Jen - to four Los Angeles stylists, who charged $28, $75, $200 and $600, respectively. Then it took the women to Hollywood Boulevard to see if random people could tell how much they paid. Check out the cuts below, leave a comment with your guesses, and get the answers - and more of Shine's inside secrets - on "20/20: Confessions" TONIGHT at 10 p.m. ET!

Amber (Image Credit: ABC News)

Sunny (Image Credit: ABC News)

Nicole (Image Credit: ABC News)

Jen (Image Credit: ABC News)