Companies Respond to ABC's 'The Lookout' Report, 'Your Move'

ABC's "The Lookout" went undercover to help a family worried their possessions wouldn't be delivered by movers.

Here, DBA Neighbors Moving & Storage of Pompano Beach, Fla., and American Relocation & Logistics of Santa Fe Springs, Calif., respond to our findings.

Response from American Relocation & Logistics Interstate Fleet/Technology Systems Manager Joseph Netzel:

"Thank you for contacting me by phone and email on Friday June 21, 2013 regarding the incident involving Mr. Jay Harp on March 15, 2013. I am unable to provide you with any information on this incident, because Mr. Harp's contract with our company, American Relocation & Logistics Inc., was terminated approximately 9 months prior to this incident in June 2012. Prior to June 2012, Mr. Harp was an independent owner operator driving for our company and Mayflower Transit LLC.

Mr. Harp, the family whose belongings were transported from New Jersey to Arizona, and the company, Moving Express, are not affiliated with American Relocation & Logistics, Inc, nor Mayflower Transit, for whom we are an agent.

I suspect that the erroneous information you have stems from the IRP license plate which Mr. Harp kept in his possession after his termination. IRP plates are assigned under the company name and not the individual, though he may be the registered owner of the vehicle. To my knowledge, it is illegal for a driver to display an IRP plate belonging to a company fleet for which he is no longer a fleet member.

Because my requests to Mr. Harp after his termination to have the IRP plate returned went unheeded, in early 2013 I requested the state of California, Dept. of Motor Vehicles terminate the plate."

Response From DBA Neighbors Moving & Storage Office Manager Kathryn Bradbury:

"I am writing in response to your email dated Friday, June 21, 2013, 7:37 p.m.

We spoke with a representative from Moving Express & Storage concerning the issues you have expressed in your email. We were told by the representative that on the day of pick up, Moving Express offered Mrs. Rammell the opportunity to see her truck weighed. At that time, the area was experiencing severe weather. The local weigh stations were closed. Moving Express explained the issue to Mrs. Rammell and offered her to follow them to the nearest station that was open, to get the truck weighed. Due to the severe weather Mrs. Rammell expressed that she did not want to drive anywhere at that time. The representative further explained that they gave the customer a revised estimated weight of 13,500 lbs. based on their visual inspection and the final revised written estimate was 10,500 lbs.

You stated that Moving Express & Storage had a history of complaints.

Upon joining our network of carriers on July 6, 2012, Moving Express & Storage had a BBB rating of A- with no complaints. The DOT had 3 complaints in 2011 and 1 for 2012 listed for Moving Express & Storage at that time and as of 5/24/2013 still has the same numbers listed.

You stated that the Rammells were under the impression that Neighbors Moving would be carrying their household goods to Arizona.

All of our moving consultants are trained to explain that we are a broker and it is also stated on our website at Our broker information is also shown in two places on the front of our estimates and it is outlined in Article 8 of our Company Terms and Conditions (see Exhibit A).

You asked if we would provide an explanation to the Rammells and other customers who could be potentially confused, the exact nature of services provided by Neighbors Moving.

Our service as a moving broker is to coordinate and arrange for the interstate transportation of a consumer's household goods by a licensed FMCSA authorized motor carrier. The broker does not take possession of the items or move them. Our role as the broker is to take the inventory from the consumer by phone and using an industry accepted shipping chart, converts the items to weight/cubic feet to create a cost estimate based on the weight/cubic feet and distance of the move.

I trust the above information and attached exhibit answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions."