Mega Millions: Chances Better of Dating a Supermodel

Today is Friday the 13th, considered one of the unluckiest days of the year. But wait! It's also the day the $40o million is up for grabs in the Mega Millions lottery, and for the potential winner - or winners - that would make Friday the 13th one of the luckiest days ever.

The winner - or winners - would cash in the second-largest jackpot in Mega Millions history, and the fifth-largest overall jackpot.

Of course, the odds are not only against you, but worse than ever.

The odds of winning the Mega Millions are 1 in 259 million, down from 1 in 176 million after recent changes in the game affected the chances of winning. Those changes mean the pot could keep getting even bigger.

But with odds like those, you stand a greater chance of being successful at several other unlikely feats:

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Better Odds

It would be more likely for an amateur golfer to hit a hole in one on consecutive three par holes ( odds: 1 to 156 million) than to win the jackpot tonight.

You'd be 370 times as likely to give birth naturally to quadruplets ( odds: 1 in 700,000) than to hit the jackpot tonight.

You're 395 times as likely to get a royal flush in poker with the first five cards dealt ( odds: 1 in 655,750) than you are of hitting it big tonight.

You're 1,369 times more likely to date a supermodel ( odds: 1 in 189,200) than you are of winning the jackpot.

But, hey, you never know. Someone has to win sometime, right?