Real Money: How Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers Can Save Big

ABC News' Paula Faris reports:

The wait is going to be worth it this year for last-minute holiday shoppers.

Retailers are desperate to move products.

With just five days left until Christmas, there has been a flurry of activity to find the right gifts and make sure they're under the tree in time for Christmas.

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The next few days before Christmas are four of the busiest holiday shopping days.

Retail expert Mark Ellwood, author of "Bargain Fever: How to Shop in a Discounted World," said shoppers will benefit this year.

Below are the tips he shares with last-minute holiday shoppers.

Tip 1: You've waited this long. Hold out if you can. Practice the sweaty palm approach to get the best deal. There's going to be a panic among retailers Dec. 24 to offload whatever they can before the swarm of after-Christmas sales begin. Retailers continue to price match. Just make sure to ask for it.

Tip 2: If you're shopping online, find the best deals with user-based websites like Slick Deals. Hundreds of thousands of members are submitting coupon codes or off-line deals they've found and flagging them in the forums.

You can also install a browser add-on like Price Blink to your Internet browser. It scours the Internet for the best prices.

The "Real Money" team found Christmas favorites like Wonder Loom Bracelet Kits for $12.88, which is nearly $10 cheaper than a competitor's, using Price Blink.

The team also found a Canon Powershot Digital Camera for $129.99, $50 less than its list price.

Tip 3: Put those online items in your cart, walk away and watch what happens. The retailer thinks it has lost the sale and it sends you a reminder email. Normally, to close the deal, that reminder email will have a promotion in it.

Tip 4: If all else fails, don't be afraid to negotiate. Ask the sales associate whether there are coupons that day and whether the coupons can be combined with any other offers.

You have much more bargaining power this time of year than you'd think.