How ‘Bad’ Will Nancy Grace Be on ‘Dancing with the Stars?’


She’s the queen of cable TV. But is she a dancing queen?

It’s a question on the minds of many as Nancy Grace heads to “ Dancing with the Stars” this season. The HLN host spent the summer in the spotlight throwing her arms up over Casey Anthony, who was found not guilty in July of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

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While trying out the fox-trot might not seem like the most logical next step for the HLN host, it makes some sense — Grace will relocate to Los Angeles this fall to cover the trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray. Why not master moonwalking at the same time? Show her critics just how “Dangerous” she is?

“I’m willing to hear whatever the judge has to tell me,” Grace said on “Good Morning America” Tuesday. “I don’t know anything about dancing. I just hope that I don’t fall. That’s my big goal.”

Like Kirstie Alley and Kate Gosselin before her, Grace acknowledged that she might not be the most obvious contender for the coveted mirror ball trophy. But if she performs anything like she does in her natural habitat, Dan Abrams, ABC News legal analyst and Grace’s frequent on-air sparring partner, thinks she’ll do OK.

“Nancy has already become a skilled verbal dancer,” he said in an email to “If her style remains consistent, I wish her partner the best of luck, and pity those who have to judge her!”

Reporting on MJ’s death by day and rumba-ing by night will undoubtedly change Grace’s image in the public eye.

“She’s always been the people’s prosecutor,” said E! Online columnist Ted Casablanca. “But now, is she more interested in doing the show business thing? It’ll be interesting to see what this does to Nancy, the reporter.”

So can we look forward to seeing Grace bump it to “Beat It?”

“That would be hilarious,” Casablanca said. “But even Nancy, I’m sure, would draw the line at that.”