Madonna ‘Would Never’ Ask Anyone Not to Look at Her

Madonna's publicist shot back at claims that the star forced TIFF volunteers not to look at her.

Let the record show that her Madgesty loves all eyes on her.

Madonna‘s publicist has refuted a report that the pop-star-turned-director made volunteers at the Toronto International Film Festival “turn their faces to a wall” so they wouldn’t look at her as she approached a press conference for her new movie, “W.E.”

“Neither Madonna nor her security ever gave instructions for the volunteers to turn away from Madonna,” Liz Rosenberg said in an email to “In fact she was so impressed with the volunteers that she publicly thanked them from the stage for their hard work before the premiere of her film last night, which earned a standing ovation.”

Rosenberg added that Madonna had “a wonderful time at the festival” and said she and the star are “still trying to figure out who and why anyone would ask the volunteers to turn away from Madonna.”

“She has never and would never ask anyone to do that ever,” Rosenberg said.

Madonna’s manners matter on the heels of hydrangea-gate, in which a fan gave Madonna a hydrangea, Madonna said she “loathes” the flower, Madonna’s rep confirmed the star likes “different types of flowers” and Madonna released a video saying “ f*** you, I like roses.”

But the Material Girl’s still not all sunshine and butterflies. Earlier this week, Madonna laid into Marmite sandwiches, telling the  Hollywood Reporter, “my daughter’s insistent that I eat one, but I won’t! Vile.”