“Twilight: Breaking Dawn” Already Breaking Records

Harry Potter fans go hard, but do Twihards go harder? These latest numbers suggest so.

The fourth movie in the Twilight Saga series, Breaking Dawn, hasn’t even opened, but pre-ticket sales have already sky rocketed it to unprecedented heights. For the past six weeks, the film, which will be released Thursday at midnight and is expected to break $100 million this weekend, has been the No. 1 ticket seller on Fandango.com. And just this week alone, it has accounted for 94% of all of their online ticket sales.

If this sounds impressive, well, it is. To give a little perspective,  Happy Feet Two, which this week came in second on the list, totaled just 2% of ticket sales. And even  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part II (the  last of the   Harry Potter films ), fell short of the vampires. The week of its premier this past summer–which turned out to be the biggest premier of all time–it made up just 91% of all Fandango sales.

Sink your fangs on that.