Kim Jong Il’s Death Sparks Twitter Trend of ‘Team America’ References

The death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il sparked a widespread reaction from Twitter users this morning, many of whom were familiar with the despot from the 2004 cartoon parody movie "Team America: World Police," by the makers of South Park.

The term "Team America" shot to the top of the Twitter trends list, joining the terms "North Korea" and "Kim Jong Il" as news of Kim's death spread today. The movie depicts Kim as a terrorist who lures world leaders to  a peace conference while simultaneously planning attacks in their home countries with weapons of mass destruction.

The American "World Police" are tasked with stopping the dictator and saving the world.

The film mocks Kim for being an eccentric dictator with a lamentable grasp of English. In one scene, he sings "I'm So Ronrey," a play on his mispronunciation of the word "lonely," which follows the dictator around his ornate palace where he spends almost all of his time.

In another scene, he fends off a visit by the United Nations weapons inspector Hans Blix, which he pronounces "Hans Bricks," by throwing Blix into a shark-eating tank. Blix had threatened Kim with punishment for making him "very very angry" and "writing a letter telling you how angry we are" if he would not let him inspect the palace for weapons of mass destruction.

Kim, a noted film enthusiast, never commented publicly on the film, but did ask the Czech Republic to ban the movie.