Video: Marriage Proposal Kiss-Off on Basketball Cam

VIDEO: A mans marriage proposal at a UCLA basketball game gets rejected.

A stadium Kiss Cam marriage proposal. It's either your dream come true or your biggest fear realized. For one female UCLA college basketball fan, it was undeniably the latter.

During a recent game at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, the "Mistletoe Cam" zoomed in on a couple in the stands, but instead of just puckering up for a smooch, the man pulls out a ring, and asks for his girlfriend's hand in marriage.

"I knew that I was going to do this since the first day that I met you, and I figured now was as good a time as any," he says, before getting down on one knee in front of the stadium crowd.

Her response: complete silence. Not the reaction he was hoping for. Following the long, awkward pause, the woman shakes her head and runs out of the stands. (The 14 seconds of silence surely felt more like a lifetime with hundreds of eyes beating on the back of his head.)

Witnessing the rejection, the arena reporter tries to take the edge off things, adding: "Sometimes we get a little camera shy. I understand. It happens."

The candid video from the Dec. 23 game was posted online Monday and is among the top trending videos on YouTube today, where some commenters have said the runaway proposal must have been staged: "Bad acting."

A Los Angeles Times sports reporter, who chronicled it all on Twitter, confirmed with a UCLA spokesman that they had nothing to do with the runaway proposal, according to Yahoo! Sports' Rivals blog. A fan in the stands near the couple tweeted the reporter that the man was "visibly shaken up.  She seemed nervous."

Real or fake, bachelors, take heed. Proposing on the jumbotron at a college basketball game may seem thrilling, but it's not a guaranteed happy ending and raises the stakes if rejected.

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