Man With Albinism Bullied on Street: Would You Step In?


It was a quiet day in scenic Tarrytown, N.Y.  The calm was shattered by words that cut like a knife.

"Step right up! We got a freak show! We got the albino show!" a boy shouted, referring to Chris, a young man with albinism, a genetic condition causing a lack of skin pigmentation.

"I heard you guys were cannibals? Is that true?" another boy said, then laughed. A boy grabbed a book Chris was holding.

Eventually a group of women surrounded the boys. One woman grabbed Chris' book back from the bullies. Another urged Chris to take a walk with her. A third woman confronted one of the bullies.

"He's not normal," said the bully.

"And you're normal?" the third woman asked. "What about those eyebrows of yours? You look like you got caterpillars walking on your face."

With a "goodbye, moron!" she waved the bullies away.

What the women didn't know, until we told them later, was that they had entered a "What Would You Do?" scenario. We had hired actors to play the bullies and Chris. The actor who played Chris has albinism, which affects one in 17,000 Americans of all races.

Of the almost 200 people who passed the scene, how many stepped in to help Chris?

Watch one passionate reaction below, and watch the complete scenario play out on "What Would You Do?" Friday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.