Top Three Mysteries From Oprah Winfrey's Interview With Whitney Houston's Family

Credit: Harpo, Inc./AP Photo.

Oprah Winfrey cleared up a lot of details about Whitney Houston's final moments during her interview with Bobbi Kristina, and Patricia and Gary Houston that aired Sunday night on OWN. But she also left us wondering about a few unanswered questions:

1. Who was Whitney's younger lover? Houston, 48, was rumored to have been romantically linked with hip-hop singer Ray-J, 31, during the months before her death. Patricia Houston told Winfrey that Houston was "chasing a dream" in her last days, "looking for comfort, love … and it was younger." She added that the singer was chasing someone "that would ultimately hurt her" but didn't elaborate.

2. How close are daughter Bobbi Kristina and Bobby Brown? Gary and Patricia Houston, Whitney's brother and sister-in-law, said the family is not on bad terms with Houston's ex-husband, Bobby Brown, even though he left her Feb. 18 funeral shortly after it started. "He was supposed to be there," Gary Houston said. Patricia Houston said, "He reached out to me a couple days after the funeral and wanted to make sure that Krissy [Bobbi Kristina] was OK. He said, 'Let her know that her father called to check on her.' And I gave her that message."

She went on to describe the last time Bobbi Kristina was with both her parents. "Their last meeting in California, it was sweet," Patricia Houston said, detailing how Houston briefly stopped by at a dinner her ex-husband and daughter were having "and then it was just the two of them." She did not know whether Houston had encouraged her daughter to maintain a relationship with Brown.

3. What was Whitney's fight with the "X-Factor" contestant about? Houston was photographed two days before her death exiting a Hollywood nightclub looking disheveled and disoriented. Patricia Houston said the singer had, as previously reported, gotten into a fight with "X-Factor" contestant Stacy Francis at the pre-Grammy awards party. But it's not clear why they exchanged words. "She comes over and she says 'Hello,'" Patricia Houston said of Francis, "but you keep seeing her. She [Whitney Houston] didn't know her. She didn't know her from Adam.

"There were words back and forth," Patricia Houston added. "I saw expressions. I saw tears, tears from the young lady." At that point, Patricia Houston dragged Whitney out of the club. She admitted she was mad at her sister-in-law "for even allowing herself to get to that place."

"If you look at the pictures," she said, "I am so mad."

STORY: Oprah Winfrey sits down with Whitney Houston's family