'Good Morning America' Breaks 'Today's' Winning Streak, Becomes No. 1 Morning News Show

Credit: ABC.

It's official: Thanks to "Good Morning America's" loyal viewers, "GMA" has broken "Today's" 852 week long streak and become the No. 1 morning news show on television.

During the week of April 9, ABC's "GMA" drew 31,000 more viewers than "Today," marking its first full-week victory over NBC's morning show since 1995. GoodMorningAmerica.com on Yahoo! is also the No. 1 morning news website, drawing more than 14.8 million users than Today.com.

ABC News president Ben Sherwood congratulated the show and thanked its viewers in an email to ABC News' staff this morning.

"First and foremost, we thank our 'GMA' viewers and online audience - a loyal and growing number who motivate us every single morning," he wrote. "All of us at ABC News salute the dynamic team at 'Good Morning America' who never sleep and who care so deeply about the program."

"We also thank our ABC network colleagues and our powerhouse stations and affiliates for supporting the program in so many ways," he added. "Of course, we congratulate our friends at 'Today' for the greatest winning streak in broadcasting history and for their excellence and leadership during this historic run.  It's a special day for ABC News and, after a proper celebration 852 weeks in the making, we'll get right back to work to be ready tomorrow to help 'GMA' viewers start their day with a rewarding experience and big picture understanding of the world."

Preliminary Nielsen ratings released Monday signaled "GMA's" triumph over "Today." That day, Jim Bell, the executive producer of NBC's "Today," congratulated the "GMA" team.

"Today's' 852-week winning streak had taken on a life of its own and as odd as it is to see it end, we should acknowledge just how remarkable it has been," he said. "So as we tip our caps to the team at 'Good Morning America,' we can also take a bow ourselves and recognize the work done by countless staffers for so long."