Prada's New Shoes Are Hot Rods for Feet

                                                                                              (Image credit: Bergdorf Goodman)

Shoes can propel any look from boring to bold, especially when they have flames shooting off of the back.

Prada's latest shoes are inspired from the American tail fin era of the 1950s, when bright colors and souped up cars were all the rage.

The flames, shooting out the back of the shoes, resemble the tailpipe of a Cadillac.  The bold design of the shoes mimics the chrome metal work of the car.  The shoes, which range in price from $900 to $1,500, are quickly selling out of stores.  For those hoping to snag a pair, they can find them online in most sizes.

SLIDESHOW:  Prada's Hot Rod Shoes Collection

"Women and Cars" is the theme for Miuccia Prada's latest spring/summer 2012 collection featuring the shoes and other vintage-inspired clothing.  The campaign images were shot by Steven Meisel, featuring the models atop vintage cars set at a 50's-style American gas station.

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