Halle Berry Snaps at Paparazzi

Halle Berry became the latest Hollywood star to tangle with paparazzi when the Oscar-winning actress lost her cool after photographers came too close to her daughter, Nahla.

Berry, 45, was followed by photographers as she picked up her 4-year-old daughter from school in Beverly Hills on Thursday

As the photographers closed in, the "Monster's Ball" star released a mouthful of insults against them, pointing her fingers and holding her hand in front of her face to block their shot.

The episode was captured on camera by the same photographers Berry was trying to stop, and released across the Internet.

""I'm doing something honorable.  I'm not harassing people," Berry reportedly yelled to the photographers.

The incident is not the first time Berry has taken on the paparazzi.  In 2008 she filed a criminal complaint against a photo agency that, she claimed, was circulating pictures of her and her daughter in their backyard.

This February, a man who had previously served a 10-year prison sentence for threatening to kill Madonna was taken into custody after allegedly stalking Berry for a week that month.  TMZ reported at the time that Berry, currently engaged to French actor Olivier Martinez, was so fearful of the man, , Robert Hoskins, that she asked a judge to give her permission to move with her daughter to France, a country with notoriously stricter paparazzi laws than in the U.S.

Preventing Berry from making that move is a bitter custody battle with her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry.

The two faced off in court in January after Berry and a nanny accused Aubry of pushing the nanny while she was holding their daughter.  Aubry was investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department for child endangerment and criminal battery.

According to TMZ, social workers recommended that Aubry take anger management classes, and the website said he agreed. In addition, sources told TMZ that social workers recommended counseling for Nahla as well.