Karmin: 7 Things You Don't Know About the Pop Duo

Courtesy Karmin

Karmin, the hot pop duo made up of real-life couple Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, is climbing the charts with their upbeat hit, "Brokenhearted."

The quirky pair got their start on YouTube, singing covers of pop and rap songs from Katy Perry to Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown before they caught the attention of music executives and scored a record deal.

The catchy single "Brokenhearted" is currently No. 32 on Billboard's Top 100 and has already gone gold. Now with their debut album, "Hello," officially out, Karmin appeared on " Good Morning America" today and told us seven things you don't know about them.

1. The band name "Karmin" is a hybrid of the word "carmen, " which in Latin means "song," and "Karma."

2. The couple met and formed the band Karmin while studying at Berklee College of Music. They are now engaged.

3. Both Amy and Nick are left-handed.

4. Amy's signature hairstyle is called "a suicide roll."

5. Amy was born and raised in Nebraska and wasn't allowed to buy CDs with parental advisory stickers! She had to have a boyfriend steal her first rap CD.

6. Nick is from Old Town, Maine and majored in trombone at Berkley College of Music.

7. Amy's and Nick's birthdays are two days apart. Nick's  is April 27 and Amy's is  April 29. (Can you say meant to be?!)

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