Mel Gibson Tell-All Book Released

Joe Eszterhas has more to say about Mel Gibson - so much more that he wrote a 30,000-plus word eBook about their now-famous conflict.

Called "Heaven and Mel," the book, available only through Amazon's Kindle for $2.99, recounts the time when "Basic Instinct" screenwriter Eszterhas worked with Gibson on a screenplay about the Maccabees, Jewish freedom fighters in the 2nd century. The project was ultimately shelved by Warner Bros.

"On a human level it's a great story, and it can't be told in a nine-page letter," Eszterhas told industry gossip site TheWrap. "Much of it is amusing, some of it is very serious and has to do with anti-Semitism and questions of values. But mostly it's just very human. I view it as a terrific tale."

In one excerpt from the book, posted on, Eszterhas mentions the Holocaust to Gibson. "'The Holocaust is mostly a lot of horseshit,' he says. I know he's goading me. He knows how I feel about the Holocaust… 'They're just a bunch of oven dodgers,' he smiles. It is an actorly smile, the kind of smile Robert Mitchum did so well in 'The Night of the Hunter.'"

Gibson's rep declined to comment on the book.

Eszterhas also writes about how Gibson trashes the people he has worked with, calling Randall Wallace, who wrote Gibson's Oscar-winning film "Braveheart," "a loser," and Brian Helgeland, who wrote and directed "Payback," "an ingrate."

And in another excerpt posted on Showbiz 411, Eszterhas writes that Gibson told the screenwriter's wife Naomi, "I have so much rage and no one can tell me where it comes from."

In April, Eszterhas released a two-and-a-half-minute-long recording to The Wrap, in which he says the Oscar-winning actor-director went on a violent, profanity-laden rant against the screenwriter and Gibson's ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva.

Before that, Eszterhas leaked a nine-page letter in which he accused Gibson of wild, out-of-control behavior, anti-Semitic remarks and threatening violent against Grigorieva. Gibson responded by calling Eszterhas' allegation "utter fabrications." Gibson later went on Jay Leno and made light of the entire incident.