Charlie Sheen Pledges $1M Donation to U.S. Troops in Need

(Image Credit: ABC News)

"Anger Management" star Charlie Sheen will donate at least $1 million of profits from his show to help the nation's injured troops.

The actor announced Monday that he'll donate the money to the United Service Organizations Inc., popularly known as the USO. The private nonprofit organization is known for sending entertainers to perform for the troops.

Sheen promised to donate 1 percent of the profits from "Anger Management," his new show that premiered three weeks ago on FX, with no cap on the final amount.

His pledge is considered to be among the largest single donations ever given to the USO.

Sheen's donation will be used as part of an ongoing campaign to help injured troops.

"It's an honor for me to be able to give back to these men and women of the military who have done so much for all of us," Sheen said.

The former star of "Two and a Half Men" appears to be further rehabilitating his image. His career had been in turmoil after his dismissal from "Two and a Half Men" because of controversial comments and other headline-making incidents that fueled speculation he was battling drug abuse and mental health problems.

But his career has rebounded and his new show, "Anger Management," debuted last month.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine last month, the actor appeared introspective. Speaking of that tumultuous time, he said, "I don't create havoc, mayhem, wreckage. I mean, I did for a while. But it was never part of the master plan."

"Anger Management" airs Thursdays on FX.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.