Katherine Jackson Calls Michael Jackson's Children

Credit: Mark Sullivan/WireImage/Getty Images.

Katherine Jackson called her grandchildren late last night, sources told ABC News, ending a days-long silence that nearly culminated in the appointment of a temporary guardian for Paris Michael, Prince Michael, and Prince Michael II.

Katherine Jackson, 82, remains in Tucson, Ariz., where she is staying with relatives. Janet and Jermaine Jackson are also in Tucson.

Perry Sanders, Katherine Jackson's estate attorney, traveled to Tucson Tuesday night to meet with Janet and Jermaine Jackson and check on Katherine Jackson's condition. He was assured by people staying with her that she was OK, but did not see her.

"I think you have a bunch of people who have a lot of different ideas about what should happen with their mother in this situation," Sanders told ABC News. "It's a complex family dynamic."

Sandra Ribera, another attorney for Katherine Jackson, told ABC News, "The children were able to make contact with their grandmother very late yesterday evening. They are looking forward to being reunited with their grandmother very soon."

Sanders said he will stop an emergency motion for the appointment of a temporary guardian for Michael Jackson's kids at a hearing in Los Angeles today. Since his trip to Tucson and Katherine Jackson's phone call to the kids, he no longer thinks a temporary guardian is necessary, and told ABC News he will go to court to quash the initial plan.

"We would vigorously oppose anything other than a temporary, short term change in guardianship to accommodate these slightly unusual circumstances that seemed to have been driven by this complex family dynamic," he said.

TJ Jackson, the son of Michael Jackson's older brother Tito Jackson, was present at this morning's hearing. His lawyer filed a petition to appoint a temporary guardian for the children. Sources told ABC News that if a temporary guardian were appointed, TJ Jackson would be it.