'Matrix' Director Comes Out as Transgender

Credit: Cloud Atlas (2012) Director''s Commentary/YouTube.

The director of "The Matrix" and the much-anticipated film "Cloud Atlas" has come out as transgender.

Lana Wachowski, formerly Larry Wachowski, reveals her new name and appearance in a promotional clip for "Cloud Atlas." Seated between her brother, Andy Wachowski, and director Tom Tykwer, she says, "Hi, I'm Lana." She wears a gray dress and hot pink dreadlocks.

Wachowski, 47, has been transitioning from a man to a woman for years, according to the New York Post. The Hollywood director made headlines in 2002 during a bitter divorce from wife Thea Bloom. At the time, People magazine reported that Bloom filed papers saying Wachowski "has been extremely dishonest with me in our personal life" and said the couple's separation was "based on very intimate circumstances concerning which I do not elaborate at this time for the reasons of his personal privacy."

Wachowski is the latest public figure to come out as transgender. Earlier this year, Stephen Ira Beatty, the son of actors Warren Beatty and Annette Bening, spoke out about his transition from a woman to a man. In May, Tom Gabel, singer of the punk band Against Me!, told Rolling Stone he's transgender and plans to start living as a woman, Laura Jane Grace.