Tricks to Make You Look Taller and Thinner

Every woman wants to play up her best assets, but ask her how to dress to do just that and she'll likely be unsure. Luckily, there's people like Amy Goodman, the author of "Wear This, Not That!" Whether you're looking to appear taller, thinner or even bustier, she has the figure-fixers to take you from feeling blah to boom - and all under 100 dollars.

How to Flatter Any figure

- Go with patterns. They flatter every figure, but make sure they're proportional to your body type. Petites should wear smaller ones to avoid feeling engulfed by the print.

- Everyone can benefit from a fitted blazer. They hide the tummy and bisect your bottom.

- Consider mono-chromatic colors. Long, lean lines from head to toe always look great.

- Nude heels are a must. They elongate your legs, and neutral tones are really hot this season.

- Use accessories for visual distraction. They not only draw attention to your assets but also create visual distractions to draw the eye away from your problem areas. For example, stacking bangles help make arms look more toned.

- Maxi-dresses are shockingly flattering for all body types, even petites. Just make sure it's hemmed properly for the right length.

- If you're really busty, keep things simple and clean on top. Show a little skin to avoid looking like a mono-loop. If you're less endowed, add embellishments on top. This will help balance your frame.

How to Boost Your Bust

- For a special day or evening out, you may want to add a little cleavage to your ensemble. The key element, of course, is the bra. A bra with chest-boosting memory foam will instantly increase your chest by two cup sizes. Also, even if you have ample cleavage, the key to looking your best is wearing a bra that fits correctly. Remember to swap out your bras every six months.

- Wear a top or blouse that creates visual volume by using ruffles or an asymmetrical detailing and a vibrant color.

Get the Look: Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Pushup Bra, $52;, H&M plunging v-neck dress, $34.95;

How to Look Taller

- Avoid the super trendy ¾-length skirt. Sure, it's been a huge trend this spring and summer, but the look won't help anyone appear longer. On a shorter person, it tends to cut your legs off and make you look stumpy. Instead, try a monochromatic colored dress. It's visually slimming and lengthening, and you can add a pair of heels for an added lift.

Get the Look: Blue asymmetrical dress, $49.99;, silver peep-toe platforms, $39.99;

How to Look Slimmer

- Avoid jeans with lots of details. Techniques like whiskering, stonewashing and fading are used to make jeans look worn, but if they fall in the wrong places, they can make your thighs and hips look wider and your stomach bigger.

- Look for jeans that have built-in slimming properties and stretch. Also make sure the right rise is the right length to cover the tummy. Add a fun top and accessories because when you look slim below, you can add volume above.

Get the Look: "Yummie" by Heather Thompson slimming mid-rise straight leg "Exuberant" jeans, $98;, Allen B. top, $30;, navy blue t-strap sandal platforms, $40;