5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About 'Revenge' Star Emily VanCamp

(Kenneth Cappello/GQ)

Emily VanCamp may play a butt-kicking socialite on ABC's hit drama "Revenge," but you're more likely to find the Canadian native drinking beer while watching zombie movies than sipping champagne at fabulous soirées.

The 26-year-old star opened up to GQ about the real girl behind Emily Thorne, and shared five facts you probably didn't know:

She's a zombie fanatic. VanCamp said she has a "weird thing for zombie movies" and was introduced to them by an ex-boyfriend: "We went through a three-month binge where I saw, I think, every zombie movie ever made." She also admitted she's obsessed with AMC's "Walking Dead."

She's a tomboy. The actress grew up playing hockey and said drinking beer is "more my style" than champagne.

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She fishes. VanCamp said she'd "rather be fishing than going to some glamorous party" and once caught a barracuda in the Caribbean.

She can be socially awkward. VanCamp said she can be standoffish when meeting people she doesn't know. "You never want to be the weird, introverted girl in the corner shaking. I feel like that though," she said.

She's gets starstruck. But it's only happened once. "I met Meryl Streep at an Oscar party. She was just so graceful, beautiful, and kind. I couldn't not say hello. But I was so anxious," she said.

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