Amy Poehler Reaches Out to Teen Girls With Website, Advice Column

Image credit: ABC News

It's no secret Amy Poehler knows how to make people laugh.

She also, it seems, has a gift for making people feel better about themselves.

On her website for teen girls - Smart Girls at the Party - the "Parks and Recreation" star offers advice in a popular feature called "Ask Amy."

She responds to questions not as an expert, but as a big sister.

"The Internet can be a really tough place for a young girl to see images and hear messages that aren't helpful to her," Poehler said. "When we started Smart Girls at the Party - the site and now the channel on YouTube … we just wanted to do something fun. We wanted to do almost something that was an answer or an antidote to a lot of the programming that we see on the Internet for young girls."

Poehler gets a lot of questions from teenage girls with body issues.

Her advice: "The earlier you learn you should focus on what you have - and not obsess over the things you don't have - the happier you will be," she said.

ABC News asked Poehler what her question to "Ask Amy" might have been when she was 13.

"Honestly? My question probably would have been like, 'I'm so flat-chested. What do I do about it?'" she said. "My answer would be like, 'Enjoy it while you can. Being flat-chested is great. Clothes fit and it's amazing.'"

Poehler said she had to overcome her own self-conscious when she worked on "Saturday Night Live's" "Weekend Update."

"You're doing fake news," she said. "You're playing a character and that character is Amy Poehler. … You have to deliver jokes."

Earlier this week, she and Tina Fey of "30 Rock" were tapped to be the hosts of the 70th Golden Globes. The two have worked together on "Saturday Night Live" and appeared side by side in sketches as Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton.

"It's a really nice feeling to have your friend with you during terrifying moments," Poehler said. "The country was watching so it felt very electric. "

Poehler now has two sons, Archie and Abel, who she said keep her in the "very present moment."

"Every time I get in my head, my boys are like, 'Hey, hey. Right here. Let's live this moment now, right here," she said.

Poehler shared the advice she wished someone had given her when she was 13:

"That you pretty much already know what you need to know," Poehler said. "You have it. That thing that you know about yourself, the real core of who you are is there. You just have to kind of keep listening to it and your life will unfold the way it's supposed to, if you listen to yourself first."