'Melrose Place' Cast Reunites, Thanks to Entertainment Weekly

Who was your favorite hunk - Bill or Jake? If you know who those characters are, chances are you're a fan of the popular '90s primetime soap opera "Melrose Place."

Named after a fictional apartment complex where the characters live, "Melrose Place" featured young, ambitious, attractive characters in over-the-top storylines with lots of romance and drama in Los Angeles.

And of course, there were the rival hunks - Billy Campbell, a struggling writer, and Jake Hanson, the bad-boy biker.

The show was a spinoff of the hugely popular "Beverly Hills: 90210." It was an instant hit when it debuted on Fox in 1992, and remained popular until it ended its run in 1999.

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Some of the best-known stars of the popular series reunited last month for this week's Entertainment Weekly magazine's Reunions Issue, and "Good Morning America"'s Amy Robach - who has a special connection to the cast - caught up with them there.

Heather Locklear, who guest-starred on the show before becoming a series regular, said "Melrose Place" was "definitely the height of my career."

Locklear said she loved playing the ruthless Amanda Woodward.

"When I saw this show before I was on it … I said 'Oh, my God, that group looks fun to be with. I want to be on that show,'" she said. "It's been a really special cast."

Locklear, Marcia Cross, Josie Bissett, Andrew Shue, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Grant Show, Daphne Zuniga, Doug Savant and Laura Leighton have remained busy acting and writing books, but last month they enjoyed being with each other after so long, reminiscing about their time with the show and poking fun at their characters.

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Asked if they had any favorite plotlines, the recently-married Show, who played Jake Hanson, joked that he "didn't remember a single episode."

"You kissed me a lot," Zuniga, who played Jo Reynolds, prompted. "There was no plot. There was just kissing."

Zuniga recalled the plotline involving her character and that of Cross' increasingly disturbed Dr. Kimberly Shaw.

"It was a very dramatic plotline I had with Marcia. I had a baby and then I think she kidnapped it, but first she induced it … Then she breast-fed my baby," Zuniga added.

And who can forget when Cross' Dr. Shaw took off her wig, revealing the terrible scar on her head? And then Savant's character, Matt Fielding, ripping it off, too?

"How about the whole building blowing up?" Show said, recalling another high point of the show, when Dr. Shaw set off explosives at Melrose Place. Of course, everyone survived.

"GMA"'s Robach is married to Shue. On their second date, she said, Shue asked her whether she was a fan of Billy or Jake.

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The cast seemed to find that very funny.

Show said Shue's character, Billy was always the bigger hunk of the two, but Zuniga disagreed.

"Billy was the boy next door and Grant was the bad boy that you wanted but you don't seem to get," Zuniga said.

After all these years, fans still yell out their names. And some have even taken it a step further: Leighton and Show said people told them they'd named their children "Sydney" or "Jake" after the characters.

And Locklear added: "Some people call me Heather Lockwood instead of Heather Locklear."

Perhaps the most memorable scene of the show was the courtyard catfight between Jane and wedding dress-clad Sydney. Both women ended up in the pool.

"We did it in one take, we had to," Bissett said, adding to Leighton: "You got mad at me though 'cause remember I pulled (the dress) up too high?"

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