Fashion Tricks to Fake the Perfect Figure

Everyone wants the perfect figure and now you can have it. Well, fake it until you make it, at least. Whether you're curvy, petite, small or large busted, there are fashion tricks to make your body look amazing.

The style editor of Lucky Magazine, Lori Bergamotto, appeared on "GMA" with secrets to flatter any figure and shave off the pounds.

Lori's 4 Extra Figure-Flattering Tips:

1. Invest in the proper-fitting bra and undies. Finding the right undergarments no matter what your body type can easily shave pounds off. Visible and bulky panty lines are never flattering.

2. Use a bold piece of jewelry to draw the eye away from problem areas. Try a fabulous pair of chandelier earrings or a chunky bib necklace to bring attention to your face and neck. Sparkly jewelry can also highlight your collarbone, one of the sexiest parts of the body.

3. Chilly days call for chunky knits, but steer clear of boyish cuts with boxy shapes. Instead, opt for silhouettes in lightweight knits with more defined shapes; you stay warm without adding extra bulk.

4. Always consider where your top will fall on your body. Opt for sweaters or blazers that hit at the hip or just below to hide problem areas and avoid making the midsection look heavy.

If you're petite …

Make legs look much longer with flared trousers and heels. The trick here is creating a single fluid line from hem to floor, so skip the ankle-cropped styles. Look for mid-to-high-rise pants that are fitted through the thigh with a gentle flare starting just below the knee. Add heels to sneak in a couple of extra inches.

Pictured on the model: Banana Republic Sloan pants $89.50, H&M tweed blazer $59.95, Zara necklace $35.90, Aldo heel, $79.90

If you have curvy hips …

Disguise bigger hips and thighs with a full skirt and craft a tiny waist with a wide belt. Hollywood stars of the '50s such as Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe were onto something with their high-waisted, full skirts that stopped just above the knee. The wide hemline makes your waist look tiny, while a swishy skirt skims over curvy hips. A wide belt at the narrowest point (just below the rib cage), over anything from a blouse to a chunky knit. Keep the belt width proportional to your height: the longer the torso, the wider the belt and vice versa.

Pictured on the model: Boden Skirt $98, LOFT heels ( $89.50, C.Wonder flannel $68, Moda sweater ( $59.90, LOFT belt ( $24.99

If you have a large bust …

Downplay a big bust with a fluid, boxy top. Sleeve length makes all the difference. Pick a silky top that has a slightly boxy cut and either long, three-quarter or no sleeves, so you get a hint of curves without looking big all over. Avoid short sleeves at all costs because they hit the arm right where you're the widest.

Pictured on the model: Moda blouse ( $88, Old Navy Jeans $29.95 (, Chinese Laundry heels ( $89, C.Wonder clutch $78.

If you have a small bust …

Give a flat chest a boost with a flouncy blouse. Any detail that adds volume through your chest - a loosely tied bow, a waterfall of ruffles, a cascade of well-placed pleats - adds volume through your chest and will make it look fuller.

Pictured on the model: Zara pant, ( $79, Greylin blouse (, The Limited heel ( $58.80, C.Wonder Cuff ( $98