Hurricane Sandy Leaves 'Noah's Ark' Out of Reach

(Image Credit: @DarrenAronofsky/Twitter)

With a storm as disastrous as Sandy, one would think that an ark would be the only safe place. But even "Noah's Ark" might have met its match in Hurricane Sandy.

The film "Noah," directed by "Black Swan" director Darren Aronofsky, is in production in Oyster Bay on Long Island where, according to the Hollywood Reporter, the condition of the huge ark that was built for the film is unclear.

An interior set built on a Brooklyn sound stage was unharmed but the crew have been unable to reach the 75-foot-tall, 450-foot-long and 45-f00t-wide exterior structure in Oyster Bay, which was directly in Sandy's path.

The storm brought down power lines and trees in the area and flooded several parts of Oyster Bay.

"Noah," which stars Russell Crowe as the biblical character, was set to wrap filming in three weeks, cinematographer Matthew Libatique wrote on his Twitter account Oct. 24.

"@DarrenAronofsky @russellcrowe What better place to be during a hurricane than on an ARK. Here's to a strong finish," Libatique tweeted Sunday before the storm hit New York.

"I take it that the irony of a massive storm holding up the production of Noah is not lost @DarrenAronofsky@russellcrowe @MattyLibatique," Emma Watson, who also stars in the film, tweeted Sunday.

Shooting for the film was postponed Monday, the Los Angeles Times reported, but it is unclear how long it will be delayed.

The film also stars Jennifer Connelly, Logan Lerman and Anthony Hopkins and is set to hit theaters in March 2014.

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