Lindsay Lohan 'Disappoints' Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters is not happy with Lindsay Lohan.

The star cancelled her interview with Walters to sit down with Jay Leno instead, having her press people call Walters at the last minute, saying "Lindsay doesn't feel up to it."

Walters spoke out on "The View" this morning, saying she deserved an explanation for Lohan's impromptu cancellation.

"If they had said to me, 'You know Barbara, she isn't up to the kinds of questions you might ask.' If they had told me that, I wouldn't feel quite as disappointed as I do today," Walters said.

Walters traveled to Los Angeles in June for the first part of her "20/20? interview with Lohan. While on set of the actress's recent film, "Liz and Dick," Walters asks her about her health.

"But one night you had a little trouble getting up and they called the paramedics. Was that just exhaustion?" Walters said.

"I think I was just honestly tired. I needed a nap for 15 minutes and then there were seven paramedics in a room, so imagine how I felt," Lohan said.

In the end, Walters wished Lohan a good recovery.

"I wish Lindsay the best. We would have done a wonderful interview. I hope she feels well," Walters said.

Lohan's interview with Leno is set to air next week.