Tabloid Editor Resigns Over Topless Kate Middleton Pictures

(Image Credit: Newspix via Getty Images)

The Kate Middleton topless photo scandal has led to the resignation of the editor of the Irish Daily Star.

In September, the tabloid published the photographs, which show the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing topless at a private home in France.

Michael O'Kane, editor of the Irish Daily Star, made no apologies at the time, but after tensions with shareholders and a threat from the owner of the tabloid to shut it down he has resigned.

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"As a result of the publication … issues arose with the shareholders of Independent Star Limited," the Irish Daily Star wrote in a statement obtained by the BBC. "Having considered those issues in tandem with Mr O'Kane, it is Mr O'Kane's decision to resign as editor of the Irish Daily Star."

After the publication of the photographs in September, St. James Palace expressed outrage.

"There can be no motivation for this action other than greed," a palace spokesperson said.

Northern and Shell, the owners of the Irish Daily Star, immediately said at the time that they disagreed with the tabloid's decision to publish the photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge and "very much regret the distress it has caused."

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