Anne Hathaway Reveals 'Shame' Over 'Stress' to Be Thin

Credit: Glamour.

Anne Hathaway grins on the latest issue of Glamour, beaming in a pair of hot pants and a tank top. But in an interview with the magazine, the "Les Mis" star revealed that her obsession with being thin is a source of "shame" and said she constantly worries about her body.

"I still feel the stress over 'Am I thin enough? Am I too thin? Is my body the right shape?'" she says. "There's an obsessive quality to it that I thought I would've grown out of by now. It's an ongoing source of shame for me."

Hathaway lost 25 pounds for the film version of "Les Miserables," which comes out Dec. 25. In an interview with Allure earlier this year, the 29-year-old actress said she subsisted on a 500 calorie diet of radishes and hummus to play tuberculosis-ridden prostitute Fantine.

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She also chopped off her hair, an act that left her "shaking like a leaf." But she told Glamour she now feels like the "coolest girl in the world" and said "people are warmer to me" because of her pixie cut.

"Also, I'm a fairly shy person, and [in the past] on days when I didn't want to deal with the world, I'd wear a hat and pull my hair around me and hide," she said. "I can't do that now. I have to be me all the time."

Still, paparazzi and the potential for ridicule scare her, and she told Glamour that she'd be "so much more eccentric" in her day to day life if it weren't for all those prying eyes.

"I know it makes me sound weak, but rather than make myself happy and wear the silly hat and say, 'Oh, I don't care,' I actually really don't feel like getting made fun of," she said. "So I put on something boring and navy and go out and try to disappear."

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