Fashion Tips From a Personal Stylist

It's no secret that it takes a village for Hollywood stars, from TV to the big screen, to look red-carpet ready.

When stars like Emma Stone, Cameron Diaz and Sofia Vergara appear as pictures of perfection at awards shows and premieres they've typically paid a team of makeup and hair artists to prep their look and a stylist to make sure they are wearing the perfect gown and accessories.

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While high-profile stylists like Rachel Zoe are a secret weapon limited to Hollywood's A-list, the good news is that new companies are offering everyday women a chance to have their own personal stylist.

The even-better news is that the stylists can come to you without breaking your bank account.

"We can take somebody who doesn't have any confidence and give them all the confidence in the world," Allison Berlin, the founder of Style Made Simple, told ABC News' Paula Faris. "It's extremely rewarding."

Berlin's New York City-based styling company services individual and corporate clients, offering everything from classes on styling to personal wardrobe edits, styling by phone and the Web and in-store and in-home private fittings.

Berlin brought in a member of her styling team, Samantha Brown, to help Liz Yale, a client who lacked confidence in her wardrobe.

"I actually have the same top in five colors," Yale told Brown. "It wasn't really representative of what I wanted to look like, that I was essentially wearing the same thing every day."

Brown helped Yale with step one of the personal styling process, a closet overhaul in which she estimates she got rid of nearly 20 percent of her wardrobe.

Then Brown shared the three fashion tips that every person, with or without a stylist, should know.

1) Buy two pairs of your favorite jeans or pants. Hem one pair to wear with heels and hem the other pair to wear with flats.

2) Look thinner by accentuating the smallest part of your body - often your waist - and keep it as the focal point.

3) Fit is everything so befriend a good tailor.